Best Buy are the best buy, by honouring pricing error

Bitterwallet - Best Buy logoA topic that always causes debate on Hot UK Deals, is that of pricing errors. From time to time, all the major retailers make a hash of their online prices, resulting in goods with hefty price tags on sale for peanuts.

The debate amongst frugal HUKD members is whether it's a waste of time placing an order for something that clearly has been priced incorrectly. After all, the terms and conditions of retailers mean they can cancel an order before it's dispatched - and they always do. So why bother, say the naysayers - why waste time and effort in the first place?

Because, say the believers, every so often a company sees an opportunity to spread a little goodwill and garner some positve word-of-mouth. Step up Best Buy, who last week screwed up a listing for a HDR which usually retails for £249 - by selling it for £99. Some shaved monkey in the Best Buy back room mixed up the descriptions of two differently priced models, resulting in a 60% discount.

As always, plenty of bargain hunters ordered the product, expecting a cancellation notice to be sent sometime later. Other HUKD members quietly grumbled and tutted at the pointlessness of it all. That was until customers received an email from Best Buy:

"I am writing to inform you that as a result of an administrative error on Best Buy's part, the product you have ordered, the Humax Foxsat HD/GB box, was advertised with the wrong specifications at an incorrect price. The product you have ordered is not fitted with a hard drive and is normally available at a price of £149.

"We do however stock the Humax Foxsat HDR/GB 320GB box which is available for purchase at a price of £249.

"Please note that your order has not yet been processed by Best Buy UK and therefore Best Buy is under no obligation to fulfil it.

"However as a gesture of goodwill and on this occasion only, Best Buy will honour your order by sending you the correct product, the Humax Foxsat HDR/GB 320GB box, at the lower advertised price of £99."

Hooray for Best Buy on this occasion - we're always happy to highlight a good deed done. If you're the sort that orders anything and everything that has a pricing error, what's the largest discount you've blagged? And what's the worst experience that's occurred from constantly trying your luck?

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader hermanjelmet


  • Len D.
  • Mark M.
    Unlike Zavvi's ebay outlet who sold the red Wii pack for £44.99, lowered the price to £39.99, left feedback for people who bought one, sent out an email saying that your headphones were being despatched, the sent out a whoops email saying you would get the red wii, then sent out an email saying that you would get a wii, but not the red one. Eventually they sent out the Wiis, but seemingly random colours. So, they sort of honoured the deal but hardly anyone got the red and the others got white or red, but without the bundled games. My personal best was getting a Samsung HiDef SD card camcorder for £160 instead of £450 from Argos. They had mixed up the descriptions in the catalogue (which was obvious to me) so I bought it and then kicked off quoting the Sale of Goods Act etc. After about 45 minutes and some really poor attempts to not honour the misprice, I was sent to another till away from the massive queue I had caused so they could quietly give me the camcorder. As a bonus, I also got the free SD card that was bundled with teh cheaper one, but not with the more expensive one :)
  • kv
    not as if they're the first to ever honour a misprice amazon gave me BFBC2 for £21 on pre-order gave me a wrestling dvd that was supposed to be £20 odd for £3.99 and cdwow cancelled a straship troopers bluray order, then sent the item free it's all about how much they stand to lose on it, and whether the powers that be believe whether it'd worth taking the hit for the publicity
  • Marky M.
    Hey Len, there's somebody else who fantasises about wrestlers!
  • Len D.
    Hey Marky Mark - it is many peoples dirty little secret.
  • hermanjelmet
    The elation of having my humax delivered today has been totally wiped out by the cornershop trying to charge me 60p for a Sun newspaper this morning. Coincidence? I think not! Bit by bit the retail industry will try and get its money back. Be alert!
  • Nick T.
    After hearing several people at work boasting about the cracking discounts/freebies they got off Sky when they threatened to cancel, I thought I'd try too. The call centre just said "Okay, your subscription will end on the 15th of next month. Thank you for calling Sky." *click* Oh. That wasn't supposed to happen. (but to be honest I haven't missed it)
  • SuperSkinheed
    > Oh. That wasn’t supposed to happen. (but to be honest I haven’t missed it) It's still a result, you've saved some money that you can use on something more interesting :)

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