Best Buy are open for business!

Bitterwallet - Best Buy starts recruiting So, Best Buy finally opened its doors to us earlier today, as their flagship store in Thurrock began trading.

And yes, we know we’ve gone on about their arrival a bit, but if there were any other huge retail names entering the UK marketplace for the first time, we’d be banging on about them too. But there isn’t. So we’re not. Thanks.

Have any of you lot been along for a look at the new store yet, or to try and get the Toshiba 32 inch HD TV for just £179.99? If you have, let us know your thoughts about the place in the box below. And photos! We need photos!

Alternatively, if you haven’t been, why not take the opportunity to make up a limerick about Best Buy instead.



  • dunfyboy
    Never mind their special offers. What's the pricing like on the rest of their stock? That's the price we'll be paying once all the hype settles down. Here's the first line of the limerick but can't think of anything to rhyme. Feel free to add the rest: If you want to give Best Buy a punt,
  • Codify
    If you want to give Best Buy a punt, Then join me and let's go out front,
  • Veronica
    Less than 100 of the Logitech Harmony remotes. Waste of time, all gone in minutes, and the awful ticket system was not explained to those queuing. I went just for the chance of a riot and left disappointed.
  • Andy
    If you want to give Best Buy a punt and you are there on a hunt For a TV thats cheap You'll love them a heap And the owner of DSGi's a c**t.
  • WTF
  • ww
    their logo is shit
  • Klingelton
    save money on logos by getting your 9 year old to do it on mspaint and save your customers a fortune in what they spend in store...
  • Morocco
    There once was a man from Fort Myers, who wrapped his balls up in wire, he flicked on the switch, and oh what a bitch, his balls began to catch fire.
  • Opa
    No Logitech Harmony's but plenty of telly's. If anyone's thinking they only had 10 or so, they've got loads. I've just got back (15:00) and they're wheeling out 100's. The catch is that they're not 1080p (HD Ready = 720p/1080i), and they're not built in HD Freeview (so some might say they're already obsolete). If you can live with that, they've still got loads. It's a fairly decent set for the kids or to have somewhere where you wouldn't usually have one (Shed?) lol. Hope this helps someone who wanted one but thinks they'll all be gone. Traffic is heavy in the area but it's worth it.
  • Deepak
    I can vouch for 'opa'. There are still hundreds of the £32" Toshiba TV's in stock, they kept bringing out more and more... But, most the main deals have gone now :( I managed to get the Samsung 32" LED for £399, but I got the last 2 in the shop! was really lucky. If you still want a toshiba go now, or really early tomorrow morning. :)
  • dave
    i think il stick with Pc World and Currys thanks !!!!! they only way they will sucseed is if they buy DSGI out !
  • Scott N.
    On Sunday, 2 May, my partner and I drove to Lakeside before 10.00am to try and bag ourselves a deal at Best Buys and we were absolutely taken aback with the massess of people queuing outside the store in the pouring rain. We were going to join the queue, but we were told by a Best Buy employee that all the TVs on special offer had been sold. We were also told that there was a 2-hour queue outside the store. We walked away and drove off. What a disappointing result.
  • Dan
    What a crock! I went on bank holiday Monday, the wait was about an hour to get in the store itself! Inside it was pretty much like any other out of town electronics store, the prices weren't anything special, to be honest it was just plain pathetic really. I so expected bigger discounts across the store but honest don't bother going if you're expecting to bag a bargain as they can't beat amazon of and most of their stuff is the same price as comet and currys.
  • hahaha
    @ dunfyboy great question. Are best buy gonna be any cheaper than the much hated DSGi, or Comet? No. Not according to the press reports from today. Here is what the Sun have to say about it: “But only time will tell how successful it is because while the prices were competitive, many were very similar to rivals such as Currys and Comet and more expensive compared to some online retailers. So whether good customer service is enough for hard-pressed Brits to flock there when the opening offers end, remains to be seen.” All these morons have been on this website for the last 12 months, slagging off the existing electrical retailers, and guess what, Best Buy can match the prices of the rest but not beat them. And as for the internet prices, forget it. Well worth waiting for. But surely we can all look forward to their fantastic service and highly skilled blue-shirts? Errrrr. No. Guess what? They push add-ons and warranties just like the rest, and have a rep in the US for it. But they don’t get paid commision and can therefore remain impartial. Last time I checked, commision was a thing of the past in virtually all electrical retailers. Best Buy says it will match the cheapest shop prices from rivals within a 15 mile radius. It will then sweeten the deal with an added discount of 10per cent of the difference. (thats half the distance of the DSGi 30 mile radius price promise). Oh, and they won’t match sale/promo offers or internet prices Best Buy operates a ‘Walk out working’ system. Customers who buy any laptop, camera or mobile phone can have it set up so its ready to use by store staff. What a fantastic and groundbreaking service. Hang on a minute, is that not what you can have done in your local PC World, or very soon even Tesco. I’m really glad that bitterwallet, and its knuckle-dragging, DSGi-hating, retarded following championed the radically different Best Buy. It seems like it was well worth the extended wait. And if I can be bothered to make the 8 hour round trip to my “local” BestBuy, then i’m sure i’ll be amazed by what I see. If Tesco couldn’t drive the prices of electricals down in the UK, then BestBuy aren’t gonna do it are they?
  • bestbuyarepants
    what a shocker. a multi-million pound RETAIL outlet with over 100 staff can't match the prices of amazon or, 2 of the biggest VIRTUAL stores in the UK. Surely most sane people would understand that all business, including bestbuy, comet, currys, tesco etc have huge overheads and decreasing product margins, due to internet stores. It is impossible to trade at web-competitve prices in electricals from a big store. You can't have everything. Price OR service?? Price, use amazon. Service, use a retailer. Simples ;)
  • figues
    I heard Best Buy thurrock was taking over £1 million pounds a day on it's opening weekend while neighbouring Currys was taking £6,000 pound a day. Can anyone confirm these figures ?
  • bestbuyarepants
    i can confirm that is absolute bollocks.

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