Become even more attached to your iPad with the Fleshlight add-on...

CS1zC iPad owners – how much do you love your smooth, shiny little fun-slate? Enough to want to do a sex with it? Come come now, be honest. You do, don’t you?

Well you’ll soon be able to, thanks to the good people behind the Fleshlight, some kind of device that allows men to have realistic-feeling sexual activity with what is essentially a torch. That’s all we know – we’ve definitely never ever tried one.

Yes, the Fleshlight people are working on an attachment for the iPad that will allow sexed-up tablet fans to achieve the ultimate and bang the living daylights out of their object of desire.

Its existence has been mooted for a few months now but Fleshlight have recently confirmed to Gizmodo that it is definitely planned and will be coming soon (ooh-err).


  • Mustapha S.
    Shame it wasn't an official Apple add on. Would cost £300, only take you to the brink and then stop, and only fit a 4" nob.
  • littlechap
    Will they do one for the mini?
  • Big B.
    As seen here in Jan 2012

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