BBC report huge technological leaps in Windows 7

As you may know, Microsoft launch their exciting new Windows 7 operating system this Thursday. As you may not know, it is named after the classic BBC sci-fi TV series Blake’s 7, so naturally the BBC have decided to cover the launch of the new product.

However, it seems as though they didn’t assign the task to their most tech-minded member of staff. See this picture and caption taken from the BBC News website.

Picture 5

Ooh, personalised desktops! What else has it got? A music player? Solitaire? The internets??

Oh BBC, you’re such a bunch of cocks sometimes…

[Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Mark]


  • goon
    the bbc is a buch of shit money grabbing cunts privatise the fuckers and stop taxing me to own a tv you fucks
  • Jassen
    Only a bunch of cocks sometimes? BBC are rubbish
  • jsoap
    Don't know where they get their info from. Last week they reported "There are plenty of legitimate services which use file-sharing technology such as some on-demand TV services", maybe someone should have asked their own internet broadcast team first.
  • ElBuc
    Haha! That dick doesn't realise that the snipping tool has been on XP for years!
  • Andy
    @goon You don't have to pay a TV license simply for owning a TV.
  • Stevie
    Its a crock of shit just like vista i have spent the last few days using it on my laptop Homegroup = no ability to remove it pile of crap newb file sharing im quite happy with smb No ability to remove Bitlocker from the menu's no i dont want to encrypt my hd so why is it on my menu i should have a choice of whats installed No classic start menu (i dont use it anyway but even so) No All programs xp style slide everything is hidden from the user hidden folders and shortcuts scattered all over the drive for no good reason You have to manually add the quick launch folder to toolbars on the start menu 1000 scheduled services in taskscheduler no ability to fully remove any built in stuff etc. etc. i have no problemwith ease of use but take homegroup it runs around 8 services you set them to manual and windows still try's starting them why should i be forced to set them to disable and still have homegroup show up in explorer/cpl the upnp server service doesnt turn off even if it's set to off you have to goto services and disable it for your average newb its great but for someone who actually knows how to use it pc its a crock of shit anyway im off to put my ghost image of XP SP3 back on
  • Alex W.
    If you own a device capable of decoding a broadcast signal, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone you're not using it for watching telly. After you've sent them a signed declaration: * We will send a TV Licensing officer to your address to confirm the situation. This is because when we visit people who have told us they don't need a licence, a quarter of those we contact do, in fact, need one. * Once our officer has confirmed that you don't need a licence, your address will not be contacted again for at least three years. * After the three-year period, we will contact you to confirm that you still live at the address, and that your situation hasn't changed. * If, during a visit, we find that you do in fact need a licence, you'll need to pay the full licence fee. Please note that you may also face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. £1,000 is 7 years of license fee at the current rate.
    @ANDY True but if you believed everything the tv liscensing told you thats what you would think. The [email protected]^rd$!!!
  • Martin
    Of course the BBC ran an article about Microsoft. They are so far up Steve Ballmer's arse that they are tickling his tonsils.
  • callum
    Alex, I would assume the absence of an aerial will prove as much as reasonably required, that you aren't using it to watch TV. At the end of the day, they have to prove that you are watching tv, not the other way around. So you're pretty safe if you're genuinely not watching them. Plus, as I understand it, the average fine is around the cost of a tv license plus court costs. Not unreasonable.
  • mike
    yay yay - microsoft is bringing out a new operating system - another reason for us TWATS to bash them...! shut the hell up for goodness sake...! let's sum it up... mac osx - good bit of software - NOT BLOODY SURPRISING - only works on a mac and everytime someone even so much as changes the colour of the bloody badge on the front of the case they need to recompile it and release a new version...! linux - good bit of software - doesn't work with shite all and drivers are VERY hard to come by, if available at all... windows - works on pretty much anything and specifically designed to be easy to use and introduce people to pc's so stop fucking moaning about how it is sooo basic - it's bloody meant to be!!! honestly...some people are never happy unless they are moaning...(and yes, before some twat chimes in - it is meant to apply to me too)
  • James
    I agree Mike. Anything used as universally as windows will be moaned about irrespective of how good it is.
  • Hi O.
    @ Mike, Sorry, biut your comments about linux not working with shite all and the drivers being very hard to come by are simply not true. I just installed Kubuntu Linux 9.04 on my wife's brand spanking new Dell 1545 Inspiron and *everything* worked, right out of the box - wifi, bluetooth, the inbuilt memory card reader, dvd burner, graphics card, keyboard shortcuts for sound volume, the lot. What you are saying about Linux *may* have been the case about 10 years ago, but the main Linux distros have improved considerably since then, to the point where windows is now an irrelevance. Windows 7? Woop-dee-doo. We are using it almost exclusively at home now, on a server, on both laptops, and on a big desktop PC (which is dual booted with windows 2000, which is used very, very rarely)

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