Battered Bernie quick to help flog watches

It has to be said that this probably isn’t the classiest piece of advertising we’ve ever seen. Pint-sized Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was unlucky enough to be mugged last month by four men who made off with his £200,000 Hublot watch. Perhaps they thought that the diminutive billionaire was a leprechaun, standing at the end of a rainbow.

As Hublot are the official watch-making partner of F1, sharp-thinking Bernie saw an opportunity as he recovered from his battering, suggesting to them that the sight of his clattered chops might make for an interesting advert. Voila…


We’re a bit confused though. What’s the message here – that the watch is so amazing that you’d be mad not to beat up an 80 year-old man in order to get your hands on one? Obviously not, because helpfully, we are also informed that ‘Hublot condemns all forms of violence and racism.'

ALL forms of violence? Even the consensual stuff that Max Moseley gets involved with in London sex dungeons? Can someone please tell us what is going on? Because we’re on the brink of losing all of our respect for Formula 1 here.


  • easywin
    Glance at that quickly and it looks like fu*king power.....
  • The B.
    What is it with watch makers? They make a really nice watch and then sling a really shit looking strap on it.
  • The B.
    What is it with watch makers? They make a really nice watch and then let a piece of shit strap it on.
  • Mark C.
    Wow, Ecclestone's transformation into the Emperor is nearly complete.
  • scott
    that twat deserved a good beating for wearing watch like that.

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