Attention all companies - this is how you apologise to customers

We reported last week on how Amazon tinkered with customer's Kindles to resolve their own dispute with George Orwell's estate for selling copyright material of the author's work. The store made available unofficial copies of 1984 and other novels through their US site - material that is still protected in the States by copyright law. When a copyright notice was served, Amazon deleted the works from Kindle accounts without permission, instead of compensating the estate for sales to date and withdrawing the material from the store.

But rather than putting his fingers in his ears and hoping everyone would just go way, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has posted a frank apology on the site, describing the actions of his company as "stupid, thoughtless and painfully out of line":

How refreshing to see the CEO of one of the biggest online retailers in the world come right out and say sorry for screwing up - so many other companies featured on Bitterwallet could learn plenty from Bezos. Gawd bless you, Jeff.


  • bykergrove
    Nice post Paul. Good job!
  • Junkyard
    Yeah great, he's not returning the copies of 1984 though, is he? If I steal your wallet, then make a frank apology before heading off to the shops with your credit card, does that make me some kind of hero?
  • bykergrove
    @junkyard - it's that adopted bastard's fault not amazon
  • Chris
    @junkyard They refunded the purchases too.
  • Junkyard
    I'm aware that they refunded the purchases. If some bloke from Currys broke into my house, stole my T.V. and left £500 on the table, I'd hardly be thanking them, even if they did apologise profusely afterwards. Anyway, that's enough bad analogies for one day.
  • Stephanie
    I agree. I was recently watching Dr Phil and he had some people on the show who had been screwed over by airlines. It was interesting because one airline apologized sincerely, compansated the person for the mistake and even gave DR Phils crowd a free voucher, whereas the other airline hardly apologized. Thanks for this short but good blog!

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