Are Apple launching the Magic Trackpad later today?

There’s another Apple event coming later today. Have you got your black polo neck shirt and blue jeans on in preparation for the coming of Steve Jobs? You have? You dick.

Jobsie (as he lets us call him) will almost certainly be unveiling the brand new iPhone when it all kicks off this evening, but Engadget believe that there could be an actual surprise up the Jobs sleeve as well.

They’ve got pictures of a multitouch trackpad thingamabob (below) which connects to desktops and laptops via Bluetooth – a mouse-killer if you like. The whole thing is in line with Apple’s increased favouring of fingertip computing, and ties in with their recent trademark application for the name ‘Magic Trackpad.’

Will we get it tonight? Who knows. We’re hoping Jobsie gets his tits out for once though. That would be great.



  • The B.
    Wow, how very, very, very uneventful, as for the new iPhone, you're still not going to catch Google Mr Jobs.
  • MayContainNuts
    How's this a mouse killer? Good luck playing half-life on one of those...
  • Mike H.
    Half Life? On the Mac? Are you nuts? You are? Oh...
  • Sam
    I played halflife 2 today on my mbp. Ran great as it's offically been out for over a month. Douchebags.
  • blagga
    It's a picture of a National Express toilet seat lid, taken from above and with all the poo wiped off.
  • Wonky H.
  • Nobby
    My cat killed a mouse.
  • speedski
    Posted by Sam | June 7th, 2010 at 12:58 pm I played halflife 2 today on my mbp. Ran great as it’s offically been out for over a month. Douchebags. ....and only what, three years after PC users had it - so its new to the mac, cosmic - its out of date before it even arrived douchebag.
  • Gadget 4.
    It looks like some scales I have in my kitchen. Could be almost anything really.
  • Matt
    Wow, a touch pad... breaking the mould there.
  • MBeeching
    If they use 'You've Got The Touch' by Stan Bush during the announcement then I'll buy one : D
  • Rob
    What happened to the comment about apple fanboy cockswappers? It summed up the thoughts of the majority I'm sure.
  • Adebisi
    @speedski - Half Life 2 was released 2004
  • Dan
    The Magic Wish Happy Trackpad.

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