Apple's UK Store closes - here comes the iPad?

Bitterwallet - Apple Store down - here comes the iPad?Apple are running out of time to launch the iPad in the UK before the end of April. The UK Store was closed down a few minutes ago, which usually means a significant update is about to occur. Are we about to learn how much UK customers will be fleeced for? Do you care? You do really.

FoneHome is reporting that several third party retailers have already advertised the iPad for sale in the UK; Simply Electronics prices the basic 16GB WiFi-only version at £539.95, although they report the iPad as already in stock which would mean it's an import, while Advance Technologies is showing a pre-order price of £398.90.

UPDATE: Thanks to avid Bitterwallet readers DGK and Jason - it's the arrival of Apple's new updated MacBook Pros, rather than the iPad. All the momentum from the launch of the iPad in the US is slowly trickling away - are Apple really going to launch the bloody thing in April?


  • DGK
    Just MacBookPro updates, apparently. Would be nice if the iPad made an appearance for us UK monkeys too, however knowing apple it will literally only appear on our store on the 24th. Swines!
  • B
    oh, thought the actual shop had permantly closed. shame.
  • tommy
    website back up and no sign of the ipad
  • WTF
  • Jason
    Looks like its just the new range of Macbook Pro's
  • Skymarshall
    Bad times. The site is back up.
  • Andi
    Worse news - according to one Apple phone rep, our magical revolution is going to have to wait until May. Or something. Perhaps.
  • Salvatore B.
    hi,really fantastic apple,do you know where i can find that good.thanks,Vox

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