Apple's new Siri voice assistant thing will be the talk of the town

11 October 2011

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4S at the end of this week, a piece of video has emerged of the Siri voice assistant feature that it will contain. Thankfully it isn’t being demonstrated by some geeky Apple spokesman, but by a real person who goes out for drinks and stuff.

If you can get over the fact that you’re going to look like a dick by commanding your phone to do stuff using your stupid voice, you iPhone users might find this becoming a big part of your life from now on…


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  • Darren
    Dictionary Definition: IPhone User; IPhoney; Twat; Person who is very Vain and loves the smell of their own farts and loves to hear them selves. Ok this feature is perfect for them. What losers, actually use voice commands on mobiles, other than when driving. IShit.
  • bingobango
    Think of the fun you could have asking nonsensical questions and seeing how Siri responds. It would be fun for like 2 mins, which is handy since that is the average attention span of an Iphone user*. iPhone User: "Where can I bum a fox?" Siri: "Does not compute!" iPhone User: "Ahahahaha" * Not really.
  • AndroidAnyone?
    Dictionary Definition : iHater; iAndroidLover;iByPolar Whiner, whinger, troll, someone who things the HTC hero is a thing of beauty. Pointless trolling.
  • Boris J.
    What a stupid idea. You'd look like a right cock talking into a phone. Oh.
  • Brad
    Great! something that will never get used after the 2nd day, got this shit on my HTC never used it since.
  • Hubbard b.
    So is the Siri thing a physical part of the iPhone 4s or is it part of the ios5? Will I get it on my old iPhone 4, I'm wondering. I want to ask it 'will Flash player ever be available on iPhones?'.
  • James
    Siri's only available (for now i guess) on the iphone 4s. IOS 5 will just give us a whole other raft of stuff we probably won't use. I would guess iph4s is full of Easter eggs. To the Flash question I bet it'd answer 'Thinking about it.... No, Adobe can get stuffed, we're using HTML5"

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