Apple's Keynote at Macworld - overcast with bright periods

Gah. What was that about then, Apple? One of the dullest keynote ever. No iPhone Nanos. No iPod Touch tablet thing. No iJetPack. No iFlyingZoomCar. Rubbish.

Actually, Apple's final address to the Macworld conference in San Francisco yesterday was subtle, but heralded an important new direction for online media; as of yesterday the iTunes store is free of DRM (Digital Rights Management). Previously, any music bought through the store could only be transferred to a maximum of four other computers. The deal isn't back-dated, however; to remove DRM from your existing songs, you'll need to pay 20 pence per song or 30 per cent of the album price. Because Apple aren't making quite enough money out of you yet, see.

There's also a change to the long standing pricing policy in the iTunes store; from April 2009, individual songs will be available at three prices - 59p, 79p and 99p. Given the current price of a single track is 79p, does that mean new releases that are ramped up by over 25% to the new 99p price? And will there be anything you actually want to buy for 59p?

So all that - plus the ability to download songs via 3G to your iPhone - is good news. If you've mastered alchemy. What else was there? The launch of the 17 inch MacBook Pro with an 8 hour battery life, yours for a mere £1,949. And some updates to their software pacakge which should be expected and aren't anything spectacular. Blah.


  • Bob
    If they've changed the DRM, did they announce that you could copy data backwards and forwards to your iPhone rather than just forwards? Did they also announce that you can sync between more than 1 copy of iTunes, because frankly it's the biggest piece of shit I've ever encountered (including MS products).
  • Rockgeek says it all They should get a touchpad in the form of Steve's ballsack that can be used by the tongues of the users
  • Tony Q.
    I don't want to be too serious, but surely the 99p songs would probably be the 8+ minute Pink Floyd type songs? Leaving the new singles are still 79p and some other songs at 59p?
  • Noghar
    You left out the detail that the batteries are now sealed into the laptops. Hooray for progress, not.
  • chrisg
    The reason why the keynotes were so dull is because this is the last event of this type, and they didn't want to go out with a bang, else the fanboy masses would be writing their thoughts in blood to Jobs asking for the event's swift return.
  • Bob
    Oh, and I wouldn't mind Flash on my iPhone too, even if it does break the SDK t&c's.
  • Rayton
    iTunes going DRM free is huge news. Shut your face.

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