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14 July 2010

Bitterwallet - plush Steve Jobs

Who fancies indulging in the latest hip pursuit that is Apple-bashing? You do? Great!

The highly influential US of American organisation Consumer Reports (their version of Which!) has gotten round to reviewing the troubled iPhone 4 – and they’re not happy with it one little bit.

In their tut-tut-laden report they have flown in the face of Apple’s recent claims that the phone’s reception problems are caused by a software fault, and are blaming the phone’s new-style antenna for the widely-reported glitch.

In their review, Consumer Reports say:

“When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side ... the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether ... Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.

Apple needs to come up with a permanent – and free – fix for the antenna problems before we can recommend the iPhone 4.”

Ooooh! But so what you might think – it’s just another review, albeit a damning one. Maybe, but just like Bitterwallet, Consumer Reports is a VERY influential organisation, and following the withering review, Apple’s share price fell by as much as 4.2 per cent, wiping $9.9bn (£6.5bn) off its market value. Gulp.

It’s a double whammy for Jobsy and the boys as things get murkier still with Apple also being accused of deleting threads that are critical of the iPhone 4 on their official forums.

Blogger TJ Luoma wrote: “This isn't the first time we've heard about Apple deleting discussion board threads on topics which are unflattering to Apple's products. It's closer to the fiftieth time. In fact, we've heard so many reports about this happening that it seems safe to call this standard operating procedure for Apple's discussion boards.”

It’s almost as though Apple are some kind of paranoid, controlling gang of thought police. Surely not….


  • JImbo
    *feels as smug as an iphone4 user* it's got apps and TWO cameras u know!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!
  • Rolly
    I have built a hackintosh (not because i buy into all that nonsense where people say you only need 64Mb of RAM to be the equivalent of 6Gb of PC Ram) I did it because I knew it would annoy Jobs, I have even sent pictures of it running to his email address. £5000 of mac built for just £1200 - I have also asked him about the mark up on macs, I wonder if he will reply to little old me, or if he will send the thought police round.
  • Ballu
    Rolly is there an easy site showing me how to do this?
  • Amanda H.
    Im pretty sure its on Blue Peter.
  • Alexis
    Nobody actually really cares and they'll still sell like hotcakes. Which is fine because most people don't hold their phone like a retard, or makes calls with robot arms in a sealed booth in a lab. Anyway, I though this was more of an AT&T problem and that here on O2 where reception is decent, it's not an issue?
  • Rolly
    @ Alexis... Apple now say not to hold the phone a certain way... but rather embarrassingly the adverts show a person holding it the wrong way! So... its not simple as that, but I quite agree anyone holding an iPhone could be considered troubled/challenged in some way. After all whoever buys into the over priced Apple business model does need their head read. @ Ballu... check out or - you can build a mac using decent parts for a lot less, and the best bit is you don't EVER need to go into a mac store to mix with the plebs who pay £3000 for a £800 computer in a metal case!
  • NME
    It's shocking. I'm right handed and hold the phone in my left hand when using it for surfing, I have to hold it awkwardly or my 5 bars of 3G signal goes to 1 bar of GPRS. And even sat in my car holder, I'm having more dropped calls than ever.
  • THE D.
    buy apple be a dickhad simples
  • fra
    What a misinformed piece of journalism. To say Consumer Reports are "not happy with it one little bit" is complete lie. They give it the highest rating of any smart phone. They do however qualify that by saying they can't recommend it because of the issue with reception. What is wrong with doing a piece of accurate reporting that aids your readers rather than a deliberately slanted piece which is reflective of the reporting you criticise from others?
  • Comapact F.
    Reading this i finally took a break from my job. I run a hardware store, and i get kinda stress throughout the day =) your post just gave me a few minutes of relax =] I managed to find a rss feed on your site, so that i could get some more. Ill be sure to come here more often from now on =]

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