Apple leap into bug-smashing mode... in a few weeks

3 November 2011

iphone-battery Yet again, Apple have released a new device only to find that there’s a pretty noticeable bug inherent in it. With the iPhone 4, it was the antenna problem that led to dropped calls, while with the iPad 2, if memory serves us correctly, it was the release of toxic gas into the surrounding air whenever a user got to the end of a stage on Angry Birds.

Now, with the new iPhone 4S, punters are moaning about battery drainage, more specifically the fact that the battery level is dropping by as much as 15% per hour, even when they’re not doing anything with the phone. Yikes.

Some brainiacs have suggested that the fault lies with the ‘Setting Time Zone’ feature that is theoretically draining your juice by regularly checking your location. That has yet to be confirmed or denied. It has been suggested that the drainage problem is affecting the 4S and the iPad 2, and is as a result of the new iOS5 software system.

But have no fear, because Apple are ready to spring into action and save the day. They say that there are ‘a few bugs’ and that they’ll be rectified with the release of some updated software in ‘a few weeks’. A FEW WEEKS? Is no one running things over there any more??

Are you an iDevice user? Has your battery life gone wonky since the launch of iOS5? Tell us damn you!

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  • samuri
    Apple's downfall starts here.
  • Michdude
    Yes my 3GS’s battery life has significantly been reduced! Time to switch everything off!!
  • tin
    My 4S battery life has been amazing compared with the 3G that proceeded it. I get to the end of the day with battery left to spare which is unheard of. Evidently a fault that affects some but not all.
  • Petra
    I had noticed a drop in battery life after upgrading my 4 to the new OS last week. It's improved a bit now that I've switched off some of the features that got switched back on again by default during the upgrade (like bluetooth, which I never use) but it's still not good. It was never great even with the older OSs, but when I was down to 30% by lunchtime, I knew there was something very wrong.
  • Kevin
    I have an iPhone4 with the new IOS and have seen no difference atall
  • Me
    @ Kevin Of course you don't any difference as your Iphoney will be discharged by lunchtime
  • crap
    iphone batteries have always been shit, i have to charge mine every night its willy wank

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