Apple launch the iPad Mini... and spring a few extra surprises too...

iPad-mini It looks as though we can expect to see fewer of those irritating Apple launch events from now on. That’s because the Cupertino-based gadget pushers have finally cottoned on to the fact that people buy loads of stuff at Christmas and have pumped out a range of new and upgraded stuff in one blast last night.

Top of the list was the iPad Mini, which is smaller than your standard iPad but not quite as good, what with it not having the Retina display. Also, it’ll have 4G capabilities, but only with EE’s 4G and not the 4G that will come later from the other providers.

Also, it has the new Lightnight connector that was unveiled on the iPhone 5 a month or so ago. Pricing starts at £269 for the 16GB version, and with increasing numbers of Google’s Nexus 7 knocking around for about £100 less, it’s all fairly underwhelming.

But wait! There’s more! Did you buy the new iPad 3 when it was launched earlier in the year? Well now it’s OBSOLETE! Yes, there’s an iPad 4 coming, with a twice-as-fast processor and not much else that’s new. Oh, apart from the Lightning connector. You can’t escape the Lightning connector. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHTING THE LIGHTNING CONNECTOR.

Woah! There’s even more! The 13” MacBook Pro will now come with Retina display (it was previously only available in the 15” model) along with some other minor spec-tinkering. The iMac has been made even slinkier and sexier - yet somehow it's still got a computer inside it. Then there’s the Mac Mini – that’s also been boosted with the inclusion of an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and some other upgrading as well.

So will this be the shape of things to come from now on? Fewer launches throughout the year with a bumper crop of new goodies ahead of the Christmas spend-spurt? Very possibly.

What about you, dear readers? Does any of this new Apple kit float your boat? Or is Apple just another tech company now, with Google and Samsung catching up with stuff that is just as good while being considerably cheaper? Tell us what you think about things. We need to know!

Here's some 'interesting' information about how the iPad Mini was created...


  • Mugwump
    Please no, not "Age of Consent". Even if it's a weak cover. You bastards.
  • shiftynifty
    An apple a day, microsoft away
  • Alexis
    Where's Len Dastard nowadays?!
  • Witwicky
    I pre-ordered this before I even knew it existed.
  • Darren
    baaa baaa apple sheep have you lost your mind. yes sir, yes sir, I'm completely insane!
  • Mugwump
    Loving the UI they never talk about. Still rocking-it like it's 2007!
  • Absinthian
    And there I was thinking that the iPad Mini was just a knee-jerk reaction to the Nexus 7. Thanks Jony Ives for correcting me. Also, it's 'concentrated' the iPad2, not simply reduced its size. Gotta love Applespeak.
  • catweazle
    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHTING THE LIGHTNING CONNECTOR. WTF? are Foxconn writing the articles on here now?
  • great s.
    I want one-it has "Backside illumination" heh heh
  • Derek F.
    It's like a big cell phone.... Only it doesn't call people! Maybe if the Ipad Mini is a flop they could re-release it as a I-phone Grande.

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