Apple klaxon factor 7 alert - keynote event for September 7th?

Holy moly, looks like we may have just three weeks to wait before Apple unleashes a world of touchscreen wonderama on us. Monday 7th September is the date that's leaking out of multiple music industry sources for the latest Apple keynote. Apple is unlikely to bother with any heralding of new products again this year, so if the new and strongly rumoured Apple tablet is coming, we should hear about it in 21 days. 21 days! The man-sized nappies are on order.

But why is the music industry supplying the heads-up on the event? It's possible the event will cover the rumoured refinements to iTunes, including a system know as Cocktail that will bundle music together with extra content. There's also the possibility of iPod Nanos with cameras, Blu-ray support for the MacBook range, the elixir of eternal youth, and all the other cobblers usually associated with such a keynote that inevitably leaves a trail of shattered dreams and disappointment.

[Mediamemo] via [MacRumours]


  • Tom P.
    I hope Apple unveil a NEW iPhone at this show.
  • Ben
    That wont happen I'm afraid.
  • Martha F.
    They are Tom, it's the iPhone 3BS, specifically for 'dick head' BMW/Audi drivers. It'll give warnings of when to overtake into on-coming vehicles, pull out without looking at junctions/roundabouts, it will also warn the occupant that the indicators are being used, in which case they can remember never to use them. It also has a special 'App' that tells them how close they are to the car infront, but this will only work at distances below 2 inches.
  • bob
    @Martha Focker, Your not allowed to buy a BMW/Audi unless you show these competencies in the driving school for dickheads, so i'm certain that this wont be required.
  • The B.
    Has someone left a stereo on? I swear I can hear a record that needs changing.
  • All F.
    I heard it also includes the functions of radar so that they can tell when there is a car waiting to pull out so they can close the gap and royalty status that lets them park where they want inc. across 2 spaces and on school zig zags.
  • Al
    Crumbs I'm so excited by this.. The last time they made an announcement it was to let the masses know the Jesus phone could do - gasp - Copy & Paste and Send Picture messages. One can only surmise what will come this time: But it's probably going to be a netbook - woo only two years bleedin late
  • Russ
    Think what's possible here - Apple managed to revolutionise mobile phones by adding a video camera, and sending picture messages into the last iPhone. Maybe this time the still camera will be as good as my ageing N70. I guess thats what Apple are about, products that look like they come from the future, with specificiations from the past. lol
  • Gem
    God you lot are in a depressing mood

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