Apple Keynote goes Ping! New iPods, new iTunes, new Apple TV

Exciting times from California this evening. Well, maybe. Well, probably. Sort of. Here's the rundown of what Lord Jobs decreed moments ago:

iOS 4.1 will be released next week for iPhone and iPod Touch, to include:

• fixes to previous bugs, including a promised solution for long-suffering iPhone 3G users. Thank. Christ.

• the ability to take HDR photos - it automatically creates mosaics of photos taken at different exposures to produce images with more detail

• new Games Center functionality that'll allow gamers to connect through apps, including shared gameplay and scoreboards

iOS4.2 will be released later in November for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch including iOS 4 improvements like multitasking, as well as wireless printing

The iPod range has been overhauled, from Shuffle to the iPod Touch:

• the new iPod Shuffle is based on the squarer second generation, but dinkier, and includes playlists and 15 hours battery time, and will be $49 for 2 GB.

• the iPod Nano loses the circular track-wheel, to be replaced with a multi-touch screen; it's something of a comedy device - it's almost too small to hold. The iPod Nano is $99 for 8 GB.

•the new iPod Touch will include Retina Display, both a front and rear camera, including FaceTime and HD video capability, and costs from $229 for the 8GB version

And then we were onto iTunes. Yes, it kept on coming and the audience took any excuse to holler like a pack of sycophantic banshees. iTunes 10 will include Ping, a new social network for iTunes users, allowing users to connect to friends and generate newsfeeds of music and events. "It's not Facebook, it's not Twitter." Actually, yes it is, Steve. It's Facebook.

Finally, onto Apple TV - a new teeny tiny box for rented tv shows and movies, costing just 99¢ per show to rent for 48 hours. No word yet on what shows will be available in the UK, except to say that there will be content available in this country. It'll cost $99.


  • M4RKM
    RIP iPod Classic eh?
  • Scott W.
    The prices for the new products in the UK are on now... ATV for £99? Disappointing price if you ask me >:(
  • Jake
    Classic's still there, just not updated. So "we're updating the entire range" was complete bollocks
  • Angry S.
    What update can you possibly make to the Classic that would make it interesting? Its only beloved by bearded Luddite weirdies who listen to the Grateful Dead and and Zeppelin. It should be left to a natural death.
  • Jake
    Better sound quality Bigger storage space Longer battery life SSD version
  • Dom
    4.1 also includes AVRCP!! Biggest news of the day for me.
  • david
    so itunes is catching onto Spotify by making it social. nothing new here from apple. hardly ever use itunes now, spotify on a htc desire is good for me, although looking forward to seeing the shuffle always great for the gym and the runs.
  • RSG
    wait for it... drum rollll WTF? IS DIS 4 REAL???
  • Chef R.
    what was the point of putting radio in the touch if it's not going to be activated?
  • Chris
    @ Angry of Scotland If I'm right in saying, the classics have the highest capacity... what's wrong with that?
  • Orange
    I tell you what would be a big improvement - allowing people to be able not to use itunes with an ipod. I've got a 2nd generation shuffle which is an excellent device but using itunes is like catching aids. Why don't Apple get rid of their stupid fucking restrictions, wankers.
  • Orange
    Oh and fucking Quicktime is worse than catching aids.
  • StauntonLick
    "Oh and fucking Quicktime is worse than catching aids." Consider my cap officially doffed to you, sir.
  • Ian p.
    Re Orange Try MediaMoney ; works very well it just requirs itunes to be installed but not actually active so you don't need any itunes tasks to be loaded/started when a PC is switched on (can't speak for Macs). Works with an ipod classic. You would need to check on a 2nd gen shuffle. Iriver also provide a free music manager that I believe works with ipods....
  • Ian p.
    Re Orange Sorry that's MediaMonkey (not MediaMoney.......)
  • Mike
    A heads up to BW for there Death Watch list. After Apples announcement yesterday of there iTunes social network. If I was an employee of MySpace I would be shitting myself. If this doesn't put MySpace on the Death Watch rack I don't know what will?
  • David
    I think aids is probably worse
  • zacspeed
    only marginally
  • Amanda H.
    Aids is nothing like iTunes. Its universal, free and you get to fuck someone.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    That Nano is err... interesting! If that's not a case of doing someting for the sake of doing something, I don't know what is! Steve. Repeat after me. "Just because we can do something, doesn't necessarliy mean we should"
  • Darren
    "4.1 also includes AVRCP!! Biggest news of the day for me." ACRCP = A Visibly Really Crap Product. I Hate Apple. Point Made. "due to their. we want to rule the world and make everyone do everything how we tell them to, and give no freedom"
  • Stelph
    Yep, confused by the Nano as it just seems a bit pointless to have the screen there? Its too small to work as a video player and looking at photos ect seems a bit odd, saying that i may get one to replace my shuffle that I use for training as it supports nike+, that is assuming it supports the heart rate monitor Oh and what is on with crippling the camera on the iPod Touch? 960 x 720 so less than 1MP when the iphone has 5MP? Seems like Apple is deliberatly crippling the ipod to avoid canabalising sales of the iPhone, plus its a shame that they made it so thin. It would have been better to make it thicker like the iphone (as thats not reallly fat is it) and then put a HUGE battery in it
  • Dom
    Steve Jobs on Ping - "It's Not Facebook, It's Not Twitter", 2 minutes later, "Here is Lady GAGA's profile, she can 'POST' updates, and look, we can 'FOLLOW' her, her updates are then posted! on our 'NEWS FEED'" I am suprised it wasn't called "TwitBook!"
  • Chris F.
    more like TwatBook. can't stand apple "press conferences" (surely theyre just a euphemism for a public blowjob for Jobs?) seriously, what kind of sad case goes to these things and cheers? YEEEEAHHHH!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! THANKS FOR MAKING STUFF SO WE CAN THROW CASH AT YOU!!!!!!!! fuck me, i mean theyre only mp3 players at the end of the day, it's not like the twat's discovered a new and abundant replenishable fuel source to replace oil. (The irony here is that i have an iphone - i just don't view it as the second coming of christ.)
  • Noodles
    apple is simply the best company ever with their innovative items. you all are clearly jealous and probably open source luvvies! why is the iphone the biggest selling phone ever, why do people queue up to get one all night. you are all just poor and obviously hating because you cannot afford such things. @ darren, open your eyes and stop hating, you are obviously really jealous! @ Stelph- no the nano is not is small enough to carry and use when you are running or at the gym..obviously you would not know as you are too fat to use a gym and have no friends @ amanda...ur not funny..go back to your hole
  • Stelph
    @Noodles Ahh trolls, what wonderful creatures. And to your response on being small enough to carry and use in the gym, thats what the shuffle is for. And while we are on the shuffle I did find it funny that apple basically admitted that it had messed up with the shape and lack of buttons of the last generation and went back to the previous shape (which is the shuffle I have for when im training), apple admiting they are wrong doesnt happen often, enjoy it while you can...
  • Noodles
    @ Stelph..ahh losers..extremely colourful characters..and good for people like us to laugh at! does the shuffle allow u to choose a song at will..has it got an interactive screen to see and select what you are playing at? to choose between a podcast or an mp3 without shuffling amongst other songs? you must live a sad sad life to enjoy a company like apple going wrong..what a total ur parents must be really proud! now crawl back to ur hole and enjoy ur sad life!
  • @Mr M.
  • zleet
    @noodles :sigh: I initially thought your comments to be ironic, but now it seems that's not the case. Apple make nice looking products with a slick interface but they are far from the best on a purely tech level and they charge way to much for what they are. I'll put it in words you can understand. 'Apple make good shiny shiny but not bestest shiny shiny and asks for all your monies.'
  • Noodles
    @ Mr Miagi..u can join the losers club with make no sense either with your go and join Stelph in its hole!
  • Nobby
    So with the nano, they remove features, change the shape, then charge you more? It looks shit. Not the shit, just shit. I was hoping for some good deals on old stock of nanos before the new version comes out, but I cannot see them going for a cheap price now given the replacement is a backwards step pile of crap. I guess the only good thing is the child protection device on it, although I'm not totally sure how a pedo-meter works.
  • Nobby
    The iPod Nano is $99 for 8 GB. Or in the UK, £129 for 8 GB. Someone can fuck off.
  • Darren
    @ zleet "‘Apple make good shiny shiny but not bestest shiny shiny and asks for all your monies.’" LOL well said! @ Noodles I like the look of apples products, they are very smart, and do a good job, (even if you do have to put a bumper on it, I guess that's what you call a "feature" lol. But the company has shit for brains. and are falling behind with the Tech of the devices, yes the did set the president BACK IN THE DAY with the IPhone, but as we have seen with the IShit4, I mean IPhone 4 it did not break any new ground. it just matched up to the HTC Desire, and other phones are higher spec'ed D
  • Ian p.
    Apple cater very well for the non-technical savy user who has plenty of money.... trying to pretend otherwise is just foolish imho.....
  • Mr G.
    Phineas Taylor Barnum used to cater very well for non-savvy users with plenty of money. Apparently he estimated that there was "one born every minute". That was then.
  • hippy1001
    i cant believe this crap made it onto the main bbc news headlines! they even had some gimp on talking about how exciting it will be. Needless to say i love apple like i love bee stings on my crotch. Im happy they are doing new and exciting stuff that will revolutionise the world and make a bucket load of cash from it. All Hail Apple™®
  • lee130167
    Best idea ever, everytime you see an i-nerd set fire to him, eventually we will be rid of these tossers.
  • lee130167
    strange how mt GF always listens to my zune rather than her shite pod

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