Apple keynote for Sept 9th: RIP Apple tablet, hello camera iPods

So there's definitely an Apple keynote occurring on Wednesday 9th September. Definitely. No two ways about it. No arguments. Bitterwallet's invite has not turned up yet, although we can confirm it will look like this if it ever does:

Everything else is a matter of speculation. Except that chick is definitely holding an iPod, not a tablet device. Balls. It's likely that new versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch will be announced, all featuring cameras. It's possible that Apple will announce a new version of iTunes with social media functionality, because you just don't have enough of that in your lives, do you?

Appleinsider also points out that The Beatles are re-releasing their entire back catalogue and The Beatles: Rock Band on that date, so perhaps the Fab Four will finally debut in the iTunes Store. If that was the case, the use of a Rolling Stones lyric doesn't make a lick of sense. More news, rumours and lies as we get them.

[Apple Insider]


  • Nitesh
    Im sorry but if the classic and nano end up having cameras, thats some of the stupidest ideas yet. im a die hard ipod fan, and love my ipod touch, and can easily see why a camera even if only 3.2MP will be a big hit and with the apple store, you could create more cam-involved apps, and of course its the "funnest ipod yet" etc. But the nano, ok this one isnt a as stupid as classic cameras, but honestly, a tiny iDevice made mainly for music, and its simplicity is one of its biggest selling points. made for music but not exactly an entire collection. and then theres the classic, made for 100% music, so whys is the camera ever going to happen? it doesnt even have an accerlometer like the nano does. Touch Cam - Yes Nano Cam - Maybe, hopefully not, made for its small and simple design not cam! Classic Cam - NEVER going to happen, just rumours!
  • Nitesh
    btw im not implying the classic needs an accelerometer to make sue of a camera, but just saying it doesnt have even the simple tech inside it, so why would it need a cam :)
  • ball_sack
    What a boner
  • Tesh
    hope to see ipod cams :D
  • Maude
    3... 2... 1...
  • ATroll
    Can't wait to see the next overpriced iFollow device. Just when you thought you'd paid-off your mortgage......
  • Maude
    And there you go!
  • -Mike H.
    I heard that they are to bring out a new iPhone 3GBS with a spike that shoots out into the users brain whenever they ask for a skinny Latino.
  • jack
    just a bigger screen would be nice on the classic... and wireless capabilities, download podcasts and sync wirelessly etc. Not a camera....
  • tits
    err i quote "Confirming reports that an iPod-centric event would be held on Wednesday, Sept. 9," why would a tablet debut at an iPod show?
  • Kevin
    Announcing that the Beatles are on ITunes would funnily enough be a massive thing. Imagine it, room goes dark, slowly fading in is a classic Beatles tune and then the Apple logo and the Apple Records logo come up on screen. Now that's more interesting than a bloody tablet!

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