Apple iPad arrives in the UK in April, costs from £389?

Ever since the entry-level price of the Apple iPad was unveiled as $499, plenty of doomsayers have been expecting a UK price-tag of £500 and higher. Not so, according to Geeky Gadgets. They have it on good authority that the basic model (WiFI, no 3G) will cost £389.

The site has also heard on the techno grapevine that the 32GB WiFi model will cost £439 and the 64GB WiFi model will be available for £489. There's no pricing yet for the 3G model, but given the cost of the US versions, those prices suggest a 16GB 3G iPad would also come in under the £500 barrier. While the last week in March is slated for the US release of the device, Geeky Gadgets believes we won't get our greasy fingers on that touchscreen until April.

If true, then compared to the US prices, these figures don't really screw over UK consumers; a $499 16GB iPad would cost £327 if ordered from the US today, plus import VAT of £57.23. It's unusual for there to be such parity in pricing, so we'll wait until we see the figures for real before siding with this report.

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  • Jassen
    I expect it to probably release for that price, and then drop within 2 months. Apple have had a habit of doing that kind of thing in the past, such as with the first gen iPhone where they dropped the pricing 1-2 months after release. I think a fair PP at entry level would be £299, otherwise you're better off with an iPod Touch.
  • Angry S.
    Adding on import duty is a bit of an odd way to do a price comparison. It would be more sensible to add on an average US sales tax (say 8%), which would give you a price of £355, So, we're getting bummed for an extra 40 quid. Could have been worse I suppose.
  • Alasdair S.
    Angry of Scotland - that would just illustrate how much higher our sales tax is. The correct conversion is to take the US dollar price, add VAT (17.5%) and then convert to £. Which gives us... $499 = $586 inc VAT = £385 ( at current $ to £ exchange). Given Apple's "history" and that it is slightly more expensive to do business here, I doubt we'll see it at £389. The other way of looking at it is what do current Apple products at the iPad prices sell at over here. For example, $599 Mac Mini (32GB iPad, $599) sells at £510 over here, vs the projected price of £439 for the 32GB iPad... so it'll be interesting to see what happens - personally I think those prices for the UK iPad are too low!
  • Yahoo S.
    I'm in two minds about it. Would like to test one for a week or two to see how it feels and works. It's something I've veen waiting for sonce reading 2000AD in the 80s. Books will be interesting, it looks quite handy. We'll see, needs to be a lot cheaper though unless they throw in 100 or so book choices into th deal.
  • Yahoo S.
    Sorry, no spell check here at work, tired and typing at an angle.
  • Hummy
    I would love to read my comic books on a device like the iPad, Panelfly have already adapted their current iPhone application for the iPad.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Personally, I don't give a fuck how much it costs. You'd have to suffer from downs syndrome to consider buying one of these either way.
  • Angry S.
    Good of you to slip in an insult to the mentally ill in your general ranting. Do your mummy and daddy know you are using their computer?
  • Nobby
    Yeah, that is just plain wrong. You could have any of the mongoloid disorders.
  • John N.
    mmm Ipad mm Apple deciding which apps you can run mmmmm where's my laptop - at least MS don't vet applications that can be run in Windows....
  • AG
    And bad of you Angry to think Down's is an illness.
  • Hank
    What about other chromosomal abnormalities? Would they also make you elegible to buy an iPad?
  • Sideysid
    Don't know about chromosomal disorders, but my mate always pisses on inanimate objects (i.e sky boxes, cupboards etc) when hes pissed. Does this mean he would want to buy an iPad?
  • Steve
    Yeah, I'm gonna buy an overpriced, giant iPhone and look like a twat. Not.
  • KJ
    haha steve's comments cracks me up, it sums this product up completely. Why on earth do u want to carry this around with you,
  • Ten B.
    [...] Could this be the UK pricing structure for the upcoming launch of the iPad…? [...]
  • Stephen B.
    It arrives the 23rd of March. There is a conference in a hotel in London at 2pm. ;)
  • Lexie W.
    Explore & Hold your iPad for No charge! ->

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