Apple hire watchman: Here comes the iWatch?

Apple Logo Apple have been all coy about their iWatch, which has provoked a series of annoying speculative articles (such as this one) and made a number of Apple fans giddy because they love it when they get teased by a technology company.

Well, Apple have hired one of the most high-profile executives in the luxury watch industry, which is the biggest clanging clue to get those who would like an iWatch in a tizz.

"Our sales director left yesterday because he took a contract from Apple to launch the iWatch," Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH's luxury-watch division (they're behind TAG Heuer and Hublot). The big hand points to a fella called Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer's vice-president of sales and retail.

Biver isn't arsed about losing Pruniaux: "If it had been a direct competitor, I would have felt a bit betrayed, but if he goes to Apple, I think it is a great experience for him."

There's been a lot of talk about the iWatch already being in production, with a release date later this year (possibly October), but as usual, Apple are buttoning their lips and steadfastly refusing to saying anything.

Thankfully, the rest of the world likes a gossip and Biver continued to run his mouth off to get some limelight action by saying: "I think it's very clever if Apple is [making an iWatch]... and if they would do it, I would really say bravo. Because my feeling is that Apple is not only a technology company, it's also a retailer and it's also a luxury brand."

So there you go. Apple Fanboys - you can start getting excited now.

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