Apple blocks UK customers from pre-ordering iPad

The good news for Apple fans is that the iPad is now available to pre-order from Apple's US site - for delivery or collection:

Bitterwallet - Apple blocks UK iPad customers

The bed news is that Apple have blocked any attempt for UK customers to place an order; the 'pre-order now' link rediverts from the US site to their UK portal, and displays only a 'page not found' error message. We'll probably have to wait another three weeks or so before we can hand over our credit card details, since the iPad is available in the UK from 'late April'.


    I wonder if I can win one of these things?
  • Alan
    Was that you trying to purchase that iPad for the competition winner from a few weeks back? Want to send it to me instead?
  • raptorcigs
  • A lot of people, like myself, are waiting for Amazon to have it in stock so that we can save a few bucks on tax and get some accessories! You can use an online tracker, like zoolert to keep tabs on it :
  • Steve B.
    I didn't care two weeks ago and I still don't care.
  • Rolly
    As long as its super low spec, cant multitask and looks pretty I'll be buying one. I have been buying Apple stuff for years, so I wont stop now. I just love things to be 2 years ago spec wise, at todays prices. What can I say!
  • Rolly
    As long as its shiny, i dont care :)
  • Fella-Tio
    only twats with no lives would want this thing anyway its totally pointless
  • Andy247
    I don't care about this product in the slightest, too big to be carried in a poacket and too small to be carried in a bag of it's own. Ridiculous! However, for iSheep who just have to have it, order via Bundlebox, they drop ship and give you a US PO Box in Louisville and forward it on to you from there.
  • Sam
    Not worth the money!
  • MickeyB
    I genuinely can't wait for the mass epiphany that's gonna hit the iSheep herd around July. 'Why did I spend 400quid on something that I never use as it's completely impractical?' Soon after the iPad's release would probably be a good time to relinquish any Apple shares you have...
  • Steve
    Hold on! People are actually going to buy this!? Fucking hilarious...
  • Jermaine M.
    Thanks for the post. I want more!

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