Apple a day no good for Jobs, steps down until June

15 January 2009

After months of speculation, Apple has finally acknowledged the elephant in the room. CEO Steve Jobs is suffering from "complex" health issues and is taking a leave of absence until June:

What will this mean for Apple in 2009? It may be a gentle blessing in disguise; timetables for the launch of new product lines (of which the iPhone Nano rumour is one that's becoming increasingly prevalent) will have been set long in advance; with Jobs and his medical concerns taking a backseat, his teams can focus on accomplishing their milestones. It also allows some fresh blood to circulate through the hierachy, which is not neccessarily a bad thing. They could sneak a cut and paste function into iPhones, for starters.


  • zain
    new mac mini's on the way i guess :D
  • Psycho
    Either that or Apple have made a big loss and Jobs is blaming poor health as a reason to sell the company or run it like Gates now runs Microsoft
  • vain
    Maybe Jobs has been poisioned by his own company.
  • Andy
    Lets face it, they've got huge infrastructure by now. He's basically a front-man and this won't matter that much.
  • vain
    Ah, but in this recession, we have seen big names fall and I reckon the consumer IT section may be hit soon
  • pain
    zain has obviously not been reading about all the fake Apple consumer goods posted here.
  • front_man
    vain has a point though as if businesses go bust then they don't need new PCs, Apple machines or software upgrades and also people may not be able to afford to buy as many gadgets.
  • Edward C.
    In July Apple posted profits of $1.07 Billion dollars, its has healthy margins and has managed to avoid the discoutning many retailers have been forced into in the last few months due to the standing of its products and the liquidity of its core cutomers. Profits will be down, but they certainly aren't making a loss . I doubt there are many companies in the current financial situation able to buy Apple with its vast cash reserves and investment portfolio never mind a great product line. Jobs is an inspirational figure for many of the core Apple employees, if he is to leave permanently there is a risk the direction of the company may be lost again as it was during the early 90's However it is clear he is seriously ill and we can only hope that he pulls through this.
  • Paul N.
    wish he would sort out the snags on my feckin I phone 1. can send mms 2. text and email keyboard go landscape on tilt 3. write email then attach a photo 4. FLASH player 5. shoot video on camera 6 Battery can be changed without sending to apple. Sort that out mother never mind your health !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • front_man
    Edward Cooper, I heard Apple shares fell after the news so this may have a big impact on the company.

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