And so the idiotic uses for iPads begin...

iPads began appearing across the country earlier, after Apple decided to dispatch them to website customers a day early. But once you have it, you'll be distressed to learn you have to buy another six or seven. At least you will if you want to follow the lead of this video, and mount one a couple of inches above a naked flame like this prize twat:



  • Mr G.
    It looks like one of those April Fool gags where they start out almost plausible and just get more and more stupid until even the Sun readers twig that it's a load of poo. The kitchen one is probably where most people should say, "Stop! Enough" not just because of the heat but because of spitting fat and such as well. The bedroom ceiling is Pythonesque in its ridiculousness. The motorbike is suicidal. Actually the car dashboard is pretty silly when you realise that you need a co-pilot to operate it anyway... a co-pilot who could just HOLD THE iPOD.
  • Atheos, A.
    In case you missed it, Apple have to withdraw the iPad or at least change their advertising. I should send this to HTC or Adobe or Nokia or anyone else Apple have pissed off. "According to Apple the iPad is (and I quote) “magical”. This claim is clearly in breach of Regulation 5 of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (A misleading action: when a practice misleads through the information it contains, or its deceptive presentation, and causes or is likely to cause the average consumer to take a different decision). The average consumer is likely to be swayed into buying an iPad believing it to have magical properties or to be powered by magic because Apple describe it as magical. As magic cannot be proven to exist the claim of being magical is misleading and Apple are duping consumers. An injunction should be raised to prevent Apple from mis-selling their products in this way. The injunction against every religion (apart from Atheism) on the same grounds should be raised next week."
  • David
    Magical. Not, it's not really magical. But it's very good....
  • John
    I went to Disney World - how annoyed was I when I found it it wasn't a world, only a place in Florida. What a con.
  • Mark
    Did he actually drive any more than 5 mph on that motorbike - I relaly can't see something shaped a bit like a wing staying put on two bits of velcro at anything much over that.
  • Ian J.
    Ipad coud be used as a twat detector ; i.e. anybody who has brough one....
  • maxtweenie
    Itwat. 'Nuff said.
  • Mick
    Wait until the air bag goes off, lets hoe they try to film that.
  • Richard
    Although this is obv. some sort of spoof, and I agree the iPad is a big iTouch... I am more tempted to get one after watching this! Some of the things in this just wouldn't work as well with my iPhone...
  • The B.
    Does it have a wipe clean surface for when the Apple fanbois get excited?
  • Nobby
    That was amazing. When is this stuff released? I need some of that velcro. So many possible uses.
  • Tom
    Typical Apple you have to buy extras to make the most out of it.
  • Atheos, A.
    First extra you'll need: a keyboard. Then you'll have a below-average netbook for twice the price and with half the convenience. Mmmm

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