An open letter to Steve Jobs...

Look Steve, we know that you’ve been ill and we realise that all those worker suicides at Foxconn must be preying on your pretty mind from time to time, but you’d probably sell a lot more of your fancy junk if you’d launch stuff in the manner of this chap from Asus...




  • The B.
    He also has a touch screen in his tie, he calls it Pad Tie.
  • JD64
    There is more cringe in those 90 seconds than the whole of The Office
  • Dick
    Well I clapped all the way through, and said woooooo.
  • gleeme
    OMG i want to make love to that guy
  • Harry H.
    Well, I like pads..... and I also like fones. But which one is better? There's only one way to find out....... COMBINE! Wait, what.......?
  • Zleet
    Asus do make good products so i'll ignore the terrible name and cringe worthy presentation and wait till It comes out to judge.

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