An open letter to Apple from the fanboys

Bitterwallet - dear Apple


  • Amanda H.
    Oh and Jobs, the long sleeved shirt tucked into a $5 pair of jeans combo isn't working.
  • SJT
    Isn't it a cheap iphone (but without the phone) Last time I checked, an iPhone was going to set you back around £750 over 18 months
  • Jack
    First off this isn't a phone. Second off you are quoting a random number, clap clap. You can get one on Pay As You Go, the expensive option for under £350 the last time I checked. Or go down the road of getting calls and texts and subsidising it into the contract like the price you quote for no reason at all, which makes the phone slightly cheaper or approx £350 too. £399 isn't cheap, and thats the best possible price it'll be with 3G
  • MrRobin
    I hate when people quote the price of a handset being the total cost of the contract over the period of x months. It's not like you have to pay the contract and then the cost of a mobile service on top?! The cost of an iPhone is £0. The cost of the service of having a phone number and being able to make and receive calls and text messages and browse the internet is £630 or whatever over 18 months.
  • Dj_urban
    I was expecting the ipad to be a mac type computer, Not that Personally i would rather have an iphone .
  • SJT
    Random number? Top of my head? I'm talking 3Gs figures coming from here:
  • I'm P.
    Let's be honest, why would you buy apple at all?
  • Chris
    But MrRobin the cost of the contract over x months is the total cost. Part of the monthly payment is going towards the cost of the phone. Thats why you can get free phones on £30 a month contracts (20 for the calls, 10 for the hardware) At the end of the contract the provider will quite happliy reduce your contract to 20 as you have paid for the phone.
  • SJT
    .....and Jack, if you read my post correctly, I did identify that this wasn't a phone....
  • Bo
    Should read 'An open letter to Apple from the bitterwallet staff' Turn it on its side and its the same apart from the colour!!
  • Nobby
    I can't really see the point of the ipad. I'm sticking with my eeepc.
  • Advocate
    As far as I can tell, the only reason to get an iphone is that it's (rightly or wrongly) become the recognised most popular app type format thing. I got an HTC Hero and I can't get the decent apps I'm after because people are only really making them for the iphone and not bothering with Android. I don't agree with it but it seems to be the case, so I'm selling up and moving on to the iphone, despite not really wanting to. That said, I'll get the normal sized one and leave the massive one alone.
  • Howie
    Er, no, how about expensive and bulky iPod Touch?
  • peep
    @Bo Yes, same apart from the colour and that all important detail, the operating system.
  • maxtweenie
    @MrRobin... If the cost of the phone is fuck all as you say, then how do Apple make any money out of it?
  • MrRobin
    Yes it's the Total cost. Not the cost of the iPhone. You get a mobile network service included so you can't do a direct comparison. In your example you say the total price you pay each month of £30 is constituted of £20 for the service and £10 for the phone. You could therefore infer that the cost of the phone is £10 x 18 = £180, which would be more accurate than saying an iPhone costs £30 x 18 = £540.
  • Chris
    Spot on MrRobin + plus the upfront cost of the phone. 180 + 189 = 369.
  • Jizzlingtons You lot are all fools.
  • MrRobin
    The phone is available from free, you can choose to pay £189 if you want.
  • Jizzlingtons
    MrRobin, the phone is not available from free unless you rob it. Being obligated to take a £30 a month contract makes it in no way free. The best you can get without financial commitment is £350, and thats the crap one.
  • Ben M.
    stop bickering, you lot. Who cares about the actual price. The iPad is a spazz-sized iPod touch, for more money. Ebooks are yet to be a big market here, and it's sacrificed true widescreen (for movies and telly) in exchange for a boxy, book friendly version. This will also be the first version of many, before the next innevitably becomes more appealing. If you're a mac fanboy, you'll have an iMac that does everything this does already. Or an iPhone that does more than this does already. If you don't have these things, a netbook has a real keyboard, and the £200 you save will buy you many book downloads to read on a screeen the same size.
  • Rob
    Yawn. More apple stuff.
  • d72
    Couldn't they release one thing without sticking an "i" at the start of the name? It's getting stupid
  • Gadget f.
    Why don't we all say "the cost of the iphone will vary depending on the contract you take out, but you cannot acquire one without committing yourself to paying £x in total one way or another". And why don't we all stop being so anal about it! Oh, the iPad just doesn't make any sense either!
  • Dan
    You could work out the cost of the phone by comparing a similarly priced contract on the same network but comes the crappiest phone, and the differences in minutes/text/data allowances for that price, extrapolate the cost/allowance over the length of the contract etc etc.... But regardless, if this is a big screen iPhone without calls (ie big iPod Touch) rather than a macbook without a keyboard...... why?
  • Ian
    Nice image Paul. Is the grammar in the postscript made intentionally bad to more accurately represent Apple fanboys? "Self-congratulate yourself"?!
  • Kevin
    If what is wanted in that picture was possible they would do it, it's not get over it. I'd like a busty beauty in stockings and suspenders pandering to all of my depraved needs, but I'm not going to get it.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Advocate, name me 5 DECENT apps that the iPhone has that Android doesn't? Android and the associated phones are superior to the iPhone which is only popular because it appeals to wannabes and fan boys.
  • Evan
    ffs, it's not so much about what it does, it's a about form factor, the iPhone does nothing that wasn't possible before but it has made heaps of peeps change the way they access information and social networks etc, I for one am keen to try the ipad out, it strikes me as a great piece of kit for about the home if nothing else, how much more convienint and relaxing would it be to grab the ipad on the couch or in bed for a bit of surfing the web or reading a book, it's not about the technology but about how its I tegrated onto our lives, cheers ev
  • Brian's U.
    iPad is for stupid people who can't use a normal computer/laptop. It really is that simple. It's going enable all the numb nuts out there to surf the web and check email without being intimidated by having to actually use and maintain a computer. It's not for people who know a little bit about computers so all those who even remotely compter savvy just ignore it, there's nothing to see here.
  • Paul S.
    Ian - it's not ours. The image was doing the rounds yesterday. I've linked to the source but can't credit the creator because because there were no details.
  • Apple W.
    [...] waiting. Frankly, my ideal Apple iPad is something like a MacBook Air without keyboard. (image via BitterWallet)What do you think? Tell us in the comment. AKPC_IDS+="4804,";Tags: apple, iPad, tablet [...]
  • Ipad
    @ Brians Uncle... "It’s going enable all the numb nuts out there to surf the web and check email without being intimidated by having to actually use and maintain a computer" ------------------------------------ why on earth would you want a computer to maintain... that wouldn't intimidate a person, it would just a be a pain in the ass... so people are numb nuts because they want an easier way to surf the web, read e-mails, listen to music, look at and share photos and play the occasional game... I think you need to stick to the virus ridden world of plastic PC's, Towers, 15" monitors, plastic netbooks, plastic cheap laptops that you have to constantly upgrade... and virus check your machine, scan a site or email everytime you boot up or startup the thing... why would I want to carry a laptop round which I have to open, and use a trackpad with no other function but to control the mouse and have 2 ugly buttons for left and right.. everyone is slagging this product off, but no one is talking about HP's new tablet launched last week, no one is slagging of the Amazon book reader on the sony book reader... yet if someone released apps for these book readers saying you can watch a film on it or listen to music whilst reading... then we would be impressed... but because Apple have took this idea and put the best of Iphone and Ipod into it and made it with such brilliant build quality... all of a sudden its crap... 75 million customers cant be wrong... in the past 3 months they have sold 8.7 million Iphones... that equates to almost 4000 iphones an hour being sold... so as you can see Brian, there is a market for it all...
  • ipad b.
    Posted by Ipad | January 30th, 2010 at 12:03 am but because Apple have took this idea and put the best of Iphone and Ipod into it and made it with such brilliant build quality… all of a sudden its crap… 75 million customers cant be wrong… in the past 3 months they have sold 8.7 million Iphones… that equates to almost 4000 iphones an hour being sold… so as you can see Brian, there is a market for it all… No its because Apple fan boys act like they invented the fucking world you nob Im all for easy computers without having to fuck about - id like to see OS X run as stable on the multitude of harware that microshite has to, that would shut you apple suckers up once and for all Get the fuck over yourselves Im sorry but all the fucking fuss re apple where bringing a game changer out blh blh blah and then they doll up and push out a tablet FFS ill tell you real world revolutionary how about a tv not a small form factor tablet that does all a pc mac will do has wireless will alow us to vie hula ipayer etc etc - quad reciever sat freeview etc. uner 2500 thqat would be a game changer
  • Guerrilla B.
    Someone on Flickr just dissed this image hard.
  • Antony W.
    Bitterwallet is tantalising us to get us to rant on and on about Apple. And it looks as if lots have fallen for this trick. But not me. The issue is that you cannot just cut the keyboard off a PC (Windows or Mac) and then use it without designing a new interface paradigm. And that is what Apple, but no one else in the world, has just done. Lets see in a couple of years if this is usable. I beieve it is, and I think they demonstrated that by implementing complex programs like their Pages desk top publishing, Keynote presentation and Number spreadsheet using just touch gestures.
  • best d.
    It is looking more like a big brother of iPhone , Really !!!
  • best d.
    Tell me some good reasons of why people will purchase the iPad when they can not get various features but the price is near around 829$. I think people will stick with the Macbook or will find other options. S G :)

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