An eye on the future of gaming? Probably not.

See, the key reason why the Microsoft's Kinect will never catch on, is because it betrays the ubiquitous irony of video game players - you can be a shamelessly lazy bastard, and still save the world. The Kinect is just too much effort, since it requires moving more than your fatty sausage-like fingers and thumbs.

But controlling games by moving nothing more than your eyes? Now we're talking! You can maintain your carefully-balanced diet of crisps and Tizer, and still toss off the hours of your meaningless existence:

Brilliant. Except you have to take your eyes off the screen in order to play. And eventually they'll feel so tired you'll want to pop them out into a jar of warm oil. But apart from that, I mean. Brilliant.


  • Skymarshall
    I smell bollocks. Well... That, or something I can charge extra for..
  • Mark H.
    A lot of bollocks currently being written about what Kinect is and isn't and what it can/can't do etc. It has voice recognition. You could play a game without even moving your 'fatty sausage-like fingers and thumbs'. Kinect could be dead in the water before it's even released because of internet chit chat which would be a real shame as it has potential to be ground breaking - something gaming desperately needs imo.
  • Tyesha S.
    lets talk about this insanely overpriced pos eye-toy, that barely works and can only do eye-toy games

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