Amazon's Kindle takes the fight with Apple's iPad outside

Nice to see Amazon growing a pair and going for Apple's jugular with their new advert for the Kindle. Perhaps the dude is lying back while he thinks of a killer comeback:

"You might be able to sit outside and read a book, but I can pop up to my room and watch German yankee doodle on my iPad while knocking one out into a towel. Can your fancy Kindle do that, pet?"

"I'm sorry, what?"


  • Whisky
    He will probably invalidate his warranty doing it.
  • Dog m.
    I wouldnt mind checking her hairy kindle out.
  • Mr M.
    "I can pop up to my room and watch German yankee doodle on my iPad" Can you? I thought Steve Jobs had banned all such things on Apple products.
  • bushbrother
    How can Jobs ban 90% of the internet?
  • Whittdawg
    Yeah but can you do this on a kindle ???
  • Mr M.
    "How can Jobs ban 90% of the internet?" He can't, if you read my post I said 'on Apple products.' As it doesn't have Flash you can't just roam the internet looking at videos like you can on non Apple devices - you have to get the app for the specific website, and guess what - Jobs has banned porno apps.
  • chadwell
    Anyone who buys an iPad to read books is a complete and utter chad. I think I'll get one of the new Sony readers as they look much better. For reading books - eInk technology and pearl screens have no equal.
  • Colin F.
    Why don't they just read a book. A proper paper book. Doesn't even matter if a bit of water from the pool splashes it either. E-book readers are the new Betamax. Believe.
  • chadwell
    Very good Mr Flange - on my recent holiday I took a few books - boy were they heavy! If only I had an ereader to carry them all. You can also get loads of books off the net for nothing.
  • The B.
    Ooh...heavy books. Did you hurt your limp little wrists carrying 'em?
  • Whisky
    Why bother with mp3 players Colin Flange? Why dont we all just carry CDs/Cassettes/Vinyl(delete accourding to age) around?
  • chadwell
    Real Bobfocer - in a time when airlines are becomer stricter on luggage weight believe it or not it helps not to have to carry a few books.
  • mizzle
    Totally unrealistic! Everyone knows that Apple fanboys wouldn't be able to pluck up the courage to speak to a girl. At least they got the pasty skin right. And wearing a t-shirt by the pool! What a bunch of body conscious, Jobs loving see you next tuesdays. Pff!
  • Father J.
    I'd definitely do her if she wasn't so fucking smug or waste over $139 on stupid-looking sunglasses.
  • Jonny S.
    @ Whittdog No you can't do that on a Kindle, you can however read a book in sunlight which is what most people (other than most Apple fanboys who spend their days in dark corners) who enjoy reading like to do when it's an option. It's what a quarter of the price (depending on model) and is fit for the purpose for which is was designed. The iPad may do a lot of other things but it's fucking useless in sunlight. Plus the battery of ereaders is a lot better as well.
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