Amazon's Kindle store opens early in UK

Bitterwallet - the Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories. No, really.

Let the mass burning of books commence! That’s because Amazon have declared their UK Kindle store to be open for business and we now have no use for actual, real books any more.

The store was expected to appear at the end of the month to coincide with the release of two new Kindle readers but it popped up yesterday, and has a smattering of popular titles at low, low prices.

You don’t need to wait for a Kindle device as Amazon have released free Kindle apps for all the top smart phones. Smart!

Pity we couldn’t find the fan-written Scooby Doo bondage novels that we’ve been trying to get our hands on though.


  • Robert
    Spot the missing word from the paragraph above
  • mizzle
    have what do I win?
  • Andrew
    I didn't realise there were enough stupid people buying Kindles! Sad times...
  • The B.
    I was perusing for some books yesterday and whilst looking for a bit of John Connolly noticed that they had the kindle version... for 42p cheaper then the hardback version, not much of an incentive as far as I'm concerned.
  • Nobby
    You can get some of the high sellers cheap. I guess it is going to be like buying mp3s online. Best sellers are cheap, anything else, you pay regular price and might as well just buy the CD.

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