Amazon unveil Kindle for your PC - we predict pillage for your eyes


Amazon’s Kindle e-reader continues to creep into the consciousness of us Brits, like some kind of weird green slime with no real sense of direction, and now you can get a PC version of the damned newfangled thing as well.

In the absence of a proper UK launch for the hand-held version, Amazon have started making the Kindle internationally available, which means you can order one from the USA and it’ll get to you eventually, probably after a long boat trip.

While you’re waiting for one to turn up, or indeed waiting for one to made available properly in this country, you can download the aforementioned PC version for free and enjoy the ability to sync your books between your computer and your Kindle device.

Like the Kindle itself, it’s strictly an all-American affair – you’ll be buying your e-books from and paying in American-style dollars. Oh, and some e-books won’t be available due to murky international licencing reasons. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

Of course, you do realise you’ll have to have eyeballs made of tungsten to read a novel on a computer screen don’t you?

Kindle for PC is available to download now, and is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. A Mac version is ‘coming soon.’

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  • Emma
    I really don't like the look of the Kindle. I'll stick with my sony ebook reader any day,
  • Mike_SP
    I ordered a Kindle from the US site on a Friday evening and it was delivered on Monday morning.
  • Shadow
    sounds like some kind of bruno talk. bundle spielen
  • Shanks
    Shanks here. Could somebody please explain why any sane-minded fellow would pay lots of money to buy a little electronic thing and then pay again to put books on to it vs buying a real life book for a few pounds? And what do they then put on their bookshelves when their libraries have been virtualised? And are these safe to use in the bath?
  • Andy
    I downloaded it yesterday and gave it a try. It does have a lot of work to go, but I like the idea and I hope to see a lot of improvements in the future. But it'll be nice to throw some free books into it as well as some things from around the web.
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