Amazon to put out more Fires

19 September 2014

amazon fires Amazon have unveiled a number of new devices!

The niggingly debatable tax-issues online superstore, are now offering a $100 tablet for the masses and more upmarket electronic reader which they reckon is the closest e-reading experience to paper yet.

The $200 Kindle Voyage is the thinnest Amazon e-reader so far, has higher pixel density and is 39% brighter than the Paperwhite. The screen's texture even looks slightly speckled, to look page-y. As in yore.

The Voyage, includes unlimited 3G cellular connectivity, runs the same software as Kindle Paperwhite readers .

Amazon reckon the audience for the Voyage will be more select compared to the cheaper stuff. They just want it to be the best reader imaginable. Get them. David Limp, Amazon's senior vice president in charge of Kindle devices, said "When we show it to customers—the ones who love reading—it's difficult to get it out of their hands."

The $100 affair is aimed at a much wider audience, and has been produced almost in response to the inferior models the company sell from other companies.

Vice president Peter Larsen said: "If you get down to those low price points, you start to trade stuff off," he said. "We hear about it from customers all the time."

Amazon's 6-inch tablet and a redesigned $140 7-inch Fire HD 7 tablet have screen resolutions of 1,280 x 800 pixels. The two Fire HDs have the same 1.5-gigahertz quad-core processor. Unlike their predecessor, the new 6- and 7-inch models have front and rear cameras, as you need a sodding camera in a book.

The new Fire HD tablets also will be offered in Kids Editions for $150 and $190, respectively.

They'll come with a rubberized protective case, a two-year replacement plan and a year of access to Amazon's FreeTime subscription service, which is a library of 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, apps and games built for children.

They are out in October anyway.

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