Amazon set the tablet world alight with the Kindle Fire

TABLET WARS! Amazon have just held a busy launch event where they unveiled a range of new hand-held devices, throwing the cat right among the pigeons with the $199 Kindle Fire. It’s a colour, 7-inch tablet and although it doesn’t have stuff like a camera or 3G, and only has 8GB of memory, its price alone means that is certain to shift some serious units.

Amazon have also updated the Kindle e-reader with three new formats. There’s the Kindle Touch, a touchscreen reader which is $149 with Amazon Whispernet connectivity and $99 for a wi-fi version. Then there’s the basic Kindle – you turn the pages by using buttons and there’s no keyboard, but it weighs only six ounces and, crucially, will retail for just $79. But will people buy a Fire or a Touch? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says they’ll buy both.


The Amazon logic is that if you draw people in with affordable hardware, they’ll happily stump up for the software – books, music, films and apps via the Android store. There’s a November 15th US launch date for the Fire, and frustratingly, there seems to be no indications of UK prices as yet.

Right, that’s that sorted out – now we wait for next week’s Apple event to see what they’ve got up their sleeves…

EDIT: Amazon's UK site is now showing the $79 version of the Kindle as being available for... erm, £89. Also, the US prices quoted are for a version without ads - the ad-free version will cost more.


  • Alexis
    I do all my reading in the bath though Amazon.
  • Stu
    Alexis unless your reading it under the water then it will work the same as a paper book. Been using my Sony reader in the bath for yonks.
    Maybe you should actually read this line and maybe change it so it makes sense Also, the US prices quoted are for a version without ads – the ad-free version will cost more.
  • Duh
    Andy you do realise the $79 Amazon Kindle is ad-supported?? The normal price is $109. If you add 20% VAT on top the price is around £84. Duh

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