Amazon launch Dash

Amazon launch Dash

We've been going on about it in the past, but Amazon Dash is finally here, which gives you the chance to push little buttons so you can buy nappies and dishwasher tablets.

It doesn't sound too exciting put like that, but this is all part of the Internet Of Things, which is meant to make your home into a 'smarthome'.

With Amazon's service, you get branded wireless buttons, and you can hit them to purchase specific things. Like all Amazon innovations, you'll need to be a Prime customer to use them.

In the UK, there's 40 Dash buttons to choose from, and they'll cost you £4.99 to buy, but each will come with £4.99 in credit for your first order.

Initially, the brands include Fairy, Andrex, Nescafe, Air Wick, Durex, Ariel, Cesar, Wilkinson, Dettol, Finish, Gillette, Olay, Huggies, Rimmel, Listerine, Nerf, Right Guard, Nicorette, Pedigree, Play-doh, Regaine, and Vanish.

The buttons are linked to your Amazon account, and basically, anyone can press the button for you (keep out of the reach of your kids, eh?) and you'll get what you need added to your shopping.

Daniel Rausch, the director of Amazon Dash, says: "There is no retail therapy in buying toilet roll or bin bags. It's just work. We wanted to take the one-click experience from our website and put it right where people need it most, in the home, near the products that run out. So that buying them is no longer work."

You set the buttons up with a smartphone app (both Android and iOS), and they're connected via Bluetooth.

You'll get a notification, saying that you've ordered something, so you can change the quantity of your order, or cancel it, should someone have pressed it in error.

While this sounds like it will be convenient, we're not entirely sure the take-up will be huge, as there's still huge amounts of people who prefer to tootle down the shops and see what they've got in.

That said, what is gimmicky today can be the industry standard tomorrow, so we'll have to wait this out to see what happens.

Of course, if this fills you will dread and bile, no-one is stopping you from writing shopping lists on the torn-off backs of envelopes in your unreadable, scrawly handwriting.

Find out more, here.

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