Amazon come out fighting with all-new Kindle

Kindle-e-reader-006 With the arrival of the iPad and its book-reading capabilities, you probably thought Amazon would let their Kindle roll over and die a quiet death didn’t you? You did? You idiot!

On the contrary – Amazon have unleashed two updated, lighter Kindles today as they continue to try and get their teeth into the modern e-reading pie. Significantly, for the first time, the contraption will be available to order directly from Amazon’s UK site.

Now the sciency bit. Amazon reckon that the new Kindle has 50% better contrast than previous versions, while being 21% smaller and 15% lighter (now weighing less than 250 grams) It comes with a six-inch screen and now has Wi-Fi connectivity, with the battery lasting for a month on a single charge. It’s got greater storage too, and can hold up to 3,500 books at any one time.

The pricing is competitive, with the Kindle going for £109 for the Wi-Fi model and £149 for the model with Vodafone 3G connectivity. Additionally, the all-new UK Kindle store will stock 400,000 titles, including books about cars, elves, fighting and Romans.

It’s all impressive-sounding stuff, but as Amazon haven’t bothered sending us a new Kindle to review, we’re giving it a MASSIVE BITTERWALLET THUMBS DOWN!


  • Nobby
    They use the Daily Mail for their advertising pictures, so not for me.
  • Ballu
    Use of Wireless Connectivity. Your Kindle uses wireless connectivity to allow you to shop for and download Digital Content from the Kindle Store. In general, we do not charge you for this use of wireless connectivity. Your Kindle may use wireless connectivity to make other services available to you for which we may charge you a fee, such as personal file download and subscriptions when you are located in another country. The fees and terms for such services are located in the Kindle Store and may change from time to time.
  • Louise
    Stupid question time, but can you use downloaded .pdfs and .cbz (comic viewer files) on this new Kindle?
  • Louise
    Sorry, that should be .cbr files instead of .cbz. D'oh.
  • GMail U.
    As much as I think that the iPad is shit... why (cost aside) would anyone want a Kindle over an iPad... as crap as iPad's are they can do about a million more things.... When the Android tablets finally make it to the shops with their lower (and Kindle comparative) price tags surely then it will be time to let it roll over and die?
  • beardyweirdy
    @'GMail User' If you're a heavy reader there are a lot of reasons. It's not really trying to be a multi-function device, it's a dedicated reading device and is configured to do that function really well. My mum's got a Kindle and it is a genuine alternative to reading books - the e-ink is genuinely like reading a printed page, it's light (therefore easy to hold), the battery lasts for an absolute age without needing a charge, the built in 3G doesn't carry any extra charges for downloading books wherever you are in the world. Aside from costing four times as much, the iPad is heavy (to hold like a book for a long period), has got a backlit screen which just isn't pleasant for reading for sustained periods, the battery will die before you can finish a whole novel etc. As a multifunction device on which you can read an occasional short story a tablet device has definitely got the Kindle licked, but if you want to do a lot of reading then there's no comparison. It's a bit like asking why anyone would buy a van when there are faster and cooler cars for the same price that can also carry stuff - the van will do the job it's specifically designed for really well. I'm beginning to get tempted myself, but am going to stick with real paper books until the format war is decided and I don't get locked into a defunct DRM'd format.
  • Amazon A.
    [...] has been the best selling product on for two years running. The new version will be 21% smaller and 15% lighter than previous versions, as well as having the capacity to store around 3,500 [...]

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