Amazon announce ad-free Kindle Fire - but it comes at a price...

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Amazon have had a bit of a rethink after announcing last week that their all-new Kindle Fire tablet would come with adverts incorporated into its display. There was some mile outrage from potential customers who would rather fry and eat their own eyeballs than look at (and presumably ignore) the occasion commercial message.

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Anyway, following the light rage displayed following the Fire’s launch, Amazon has said that a non-ad version of their new dream machine will be released as well. Naturally, this will cost more than the other version, $15 more to be precise.

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With $15 working out at about a tenner, it begs the question, would you pay £10 extra not to see intrusive adverts for defunct confectionery brands everywhere you look? Answer the question in the comments box below – it’s important.


  • Euan
    Decent to have the option, but can't really get all that wound up about ads appearing on the lock screen (which is by definition the times you're not using it). Doubt I'd bother paying to remove them myself.
  • Russ
    Would depend if they were intrusive. Or whether you could just flash a new rom to the device
  • Zeddy
    Who does "mile outrage" anyway?
  • Chewbacca
    Yeah, I'd pay the tenner.
  • Raggedy
    I was so angry at discovering the Kindle wasn't made by Apple that I walked for a whole mile before discovering what I'd done. Obviously I was completely outraged.
  • Idi A.
    £10 to not be advertised at? A bargain. This comment has been brought to you in association with Hedgehog Crisps.
  • Ben
    Looks what happens when new one announced old one reduced in price! by twenty pounds graph of kindle price change here!
  • Chris
    Are the ads constantly rolling or just showing a 30 second grab every time you lock the screen. Just thinking out loud... it's that going to drain the crap out of your battery? Possible #backfire scenario?
  • Euan
    They're static ads, so just what it switches to displaying on the screen when it's not in use. Old Kindles have a variety of literary type images they use for the same job.
  • br04dyz
    The article said "$15" which is about £10, but in tech pricing terms is likely to be more like £49.99 when the feature has to be shipping on a Sunseeker to our shores.
  • JonB
    I would pay extra not to waste my bandwidth downloading ads.
  • I would be appalled if I bought the Kindle Fire from Amazon (unfortunately Raggedy, you can't buy it from Apple) and it was layered with adverts on the lock screen. Amazon says you can turn them off, but I'm going to wait for a while to see other reviews. But, if you couldn't turn them of it would drain the battery and you be wasting your data plan; more importantly if you had a limited data usage. So I am literally appalled with this, Amazon...

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