Amazing! Another Apple victory in style over substance

Ok, we surrender. When you put it like this, everything Apple stands for appears to be superficial, self-important bollocks. But that iPad is just so damned shiny and amazing and beautiful and really, really great. Oh balls.


  • nobby
    Haha, this makes me laugh. Apple are clearly trying to tell sell us something we don't need and something that isn't great or revolutionary! This video makes then look like idiots.
  • Ok
  • Steve
    I'm sorry, but Apple can shove this one - you'd look like a iPrat with a giant iPhone like that!
  • Gunn
    Ha love it, that's what all presentations should be like
  • dunfyboy
    I guess they think if they call it great enough times it will be great, instead of a new take on an old idea.
  • Bob
    All true though when you put it next to a crappy netbook. No?
  • Jack
    @Bob, £350 netbook? A fairly rare occasion don't you think.
  • Shopdis F.
    It's so great, amazing, beautiful, incredable, great, beautiful, amazing, that they failed to spot that the idea is actually shit! I'm off to register every word in the dictionary and an i to the front. iso ifuck ioff iapple iyou icunts.
  • Jase
    What are you guys on about?! The iPad is awesome! Look, I can view Flash on...err wait. No. I can take pictures using...err wait. No. I can multi-task on it...err wait. No. Did you know that someone has filed a lawsuit against Apple's advertising of the iPad? And rightly so. In all of their adverts for it, it displays it browsing the New York Times, with Flash content working on it. It was only in Jobs' live demonstration where you saw what truly happens...the good old Blue Brick with the fabled words "Plug-in Required". False advertising in its truest form.
  • Keith M.
    I'm guardedly optimistic about the iPad. I like the iPhone OS platform and the ecosystem that Apple developers have created around the App Store, and I think the added real estate will open the doors for some interesting new applications. The price isn't terrible either (although it might be more than you think:
  • Keith M.
    Oops. Didn't expect the comment system to include the ending parenthesis as part of the link above:
  • Hi O.
    Seems Hitler doesn't much like the iPad either...
  • Hi O.
    Seems Hitler doesn’t much like the iPad either…
  • Abraham B.
    Just landed on this place via Google search. I love it. This post switch my percept and I am taking the RSS feeds. Cheers.

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