All hail the wi-fi-blocking wallpaper!

Your wi-fi is yours and yours alone. Sure, you’ve probably got your wi-fi supply encrypted with a tricky password, but people in your immediate vicinity can still see that it’s THERE, encrypted or otherwise. And if you’re some kind of a deranged privacy freak, that’s just annoying. You’ll probably need this then...


It’s some utterly brilliant wi-fi blocking wallpaper, that will keep your internet in and other people’s internet out. Yes, a revolutionary idea that we can see no real reason for and are slightly afraid of. It all works with the help of special silver crystals, OBVIOUSLY, although we don’t know whether you’ll need to coat your ceiling and floor with it as well if you want to remain completely watertight.

If you’re genuinely interested in this ‘development’, it’ll be available sometime in 2013…



  • Me
    Why did I read that as toilet paper? Anyway sounds like a great idea when your neighbour has one of those stupid BT hubs that seems to fill the airways with wifi noise.
  • cisco
    So what's to stop the ever bouncing waves leaving through the windows and the floor ?
  • Chris
    Wouldn't this also mean you wouldn't get a mobile signal or TV via an indoor aerial? I suppose it could be useful if you're a business trying to stop industrial espionage or something.
  • Sawyer
    @Chris: I read this the other day at a different site that BW didn't copy it from... apparently it's designed to only affect the WiFi frequencies. How that works I have no idea...
  • Bob
    Need to put it the floor and ceiling?
  • Axis C.
    We make a special range of carpets for that job Bob.
  • joann
    I wonder how much it will cost me to do that......
  • RichTE
    No wifi in the garden then?
  • James S.
    Lecture theatres? Meeting rooms?
  • Nigel
    Don't broadcast your SSID?
  • Kel
    Alternatively, as a practical joke, open up your mates router and stick this stuff to the inside of the case before closing it up again. Watch hilarity ensue.
  • A B.
    If I papered my cock and ballsack with this would it stop little doggies from shoving there noses in my special area trying to get a good sniff.
  • Andy D.
    No; don't do that little boy. You will end up with a purple rash on your knob and bollocks and it will be very sore. Trust me on this.

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