All hail the eight million dollar iPad 2...

Scouse decadence guru Stuart Hughes is back, back, BACK!

Before Christmas, we brought you news of a customised iPhone that he’d cobbled together from a dinosaur tooth, which retailed at a cool £40,000. But that was a just a warm-up for Stuart’s latest bespoke electronic product – the blingingest iPad 2 that it’s possible for anyone’s imagination to ever imagine without it exploding inside their heads.

ipad_2_history_edition There’s a back case made of 24ct gold alloy (to make it durable) and the Apple logo encrusted with 12.5cts of flawless diamonds. Then there’s more. The front of the case is made from 75 million-year-old Ammolite, the oldest rock on the planet. Plus there’s our old friend the dinosaur again – this time it’s shards of a 65 million-year-old T-Rex thigh bone.

Finally, there’s the central command button – a single cut 8.5ct flawless diamond in a platinum setting, surrounded by 12 outer flawless diamonds. Well worth anyone’s $8 million. Yes, that’s right... EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS.

Our money’s on Donald Trump and P Diddy. Maybe Roman Abramaovich. Probably not Paul Daniels. Oh and here's one of Stuart's earlier adverts - check out those sky-high production values...



  • Nick T.
    So he's expecting you pay for, then presumably pick up, something covered in jewels from Liverpool? Like that's gonna happen.
  • Phil
    I think its just perfect for a (soon to be) deposed dictator with a lot of cash/gold to launder quick! (Gaddafi - I'll take a 1000)
  • shiny s.
    OMG is dis real - la! if the quality is anything like the cheap tat in his livinbg room then - im out.
  • Doctor B.
    Bah! 75 million years old is not old in terms of rock. Old rock is in the order of three _billion_ years old. Also 24 carat Gold 'alloy'. What does tham mean? Gold is only part of it so the '24 carat' is meaningless. Can I have a 24 carat 'alloy' that's only 1% gold as opposed to 24 carat gold that's 99.9% gold?
  • JaffaCake
    Agree with Doctor Boris. The oldest rock is about 3.2bn years old. The oldest oldest bits of rock (usually zircon crystals that get incorporated into another rock) are about 3.6bn years old. Your 75mn year-old ammonite - a very nice fossil, btw, rather than 'a rock' - is actually a baby in geological terms. Why would anyone waste a perfectly nice ammonite on that piece of tat?
  • Shooter M.
    Does he do gold plated hubcaps?
  • all g.
    Come on its aiimed at the shiny toy brigade whos fans believe the hype that the latest phone IS the worlds slimmest smartphone. 24k gold alloy should be 99.9% - however this means sweet F all as the coating could be 1 ouze laid in a very very thin layer - so whats the value of even 3-5 ounzes of gold - certainly not enough to justify the stupid price. As my aunt used to say you cant polish a turd but you can role it in glitter
  • Bazinga
    He brags about having 8 tons of gold on the iPad in the video. That sounds even comfier to hold.
  • Mark C.
    He appears to have stolen his tie from a cartoon character. Might have known that if anyone could smash down the fourth wall and nick shit from a fictional character, it would be a Scally.

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