Acer tablet PCs launch next month, available worldwide 2011

28 October 2010

Acer have been conspicuous by their absence concerning the tablet PC. When the iPad was launched earlier in the year, everyone thought the Taiwanese company would respond to the obvious threat posed by Apple. But nothing much was heard from them in the way of firm plans, and instead evidence mounted up that PC markets were being murdered to death - the CEO of Best Buy stated the iPad was decimating their sales of notebooks by as much as 50%.

Bitterwallet - Acer launch tablet PCs in November

But they're not worried, Acer, at least not if you read their bullish interview with the Wall Street Journal. Besides believing that the netbook and notebooks market will grow by up to a quarter in the next year, chief executive Gianfranco Lanci announced that Acer would be launching a range of tablet PCs in New York City on 23 November, to be available globally in January 2011.

Lanci refused to be drawn on details of the products, but did state the price range would be $299 to $699, or £187 to £437. That's quite a leap between the two price points, which suggests there may be a third product in the middle; are Acer gearing up to deliver a 5", 7 " and 10" tablet PC? Such a range would fit in with all the reports from industry sources over the past several months. And just in time for Christm- oh. Never mind.

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  • Stu
    Pah posted from my iPad
  • PaulH
    I'm surprised by the lack of effort these companies are putting into competing with the iPad...
  • Save L.
    Acer is a well known and respected brand who deliver reliabilty and portable computers, laptops and netbooks. As a trusted Acer partner, here at Save on Laptops we recommend purchasing the Acer tablet when it comes out in November.
  • Jason
    I am looking forward in seeing this acer are a great brand and have a good feeling.... I still have an iPad I wouldn't pass up tbh
  • Okobe
    Interesting post. Always looking for new products from Acer.

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