A souped-up Apple MacBook, especially for the chav in you

This is perhaps the cruelest thing we've ever seen done to a computer. For all you Burberry-wearing, Fiesta-revving, potty-mouthed, chain-wearing brain surgeons with your names inexplicably tattooed to your necks (presumably in case you forget it), then this is the Apple MacBook for you:

A MacBook Pro coated in 24kt gold, courtesy of Computer Choppers. Yours for $2,000, on top of the price of the laptop. Don't worry, you can also get your MacBook coated in white gold, y'know, if you want it to look really classy.

[Computer Choppers] vis [Likecool]


  • Darren
    I cant believe they have done this... why would you want to ruin a peice of fine engineering!! so sad.
  • Mike L.
    White gold, eh? So it will look... just like the original before some idiot got their hands on it.
  • Mike H.
    dat iz wiked innit bruv, i az got ma macbook, wot i nicked off me mum coverd in burberry, itz todally wicked innit, i iz gonna put ma gold chains from big-up tv and ma berbarry cap on and drive ma corsa round da carpark and look lyke a complete twat den i iz gonna do some donuts and wheel spins and andbrak turnz then gonna go home for some fish fingerz dats massive innit, aight.
  • Craig
    @ Darren, my argument would be why would you want to ruin some fine gold?
  • Isaidso
    This is just another Apple marketing gimic. I bet they are lucky to sell more than 10 and anyone would be mad as I imagine it would be easy to steal and very desirable to steal.
  • James
    Wow, an even more expensive MacBook... I didn't think that was possible.
  • matt
    @ Isaidso nothing to do with apple this is a 3rd party mod
  • Mac f.
    Great post, would you mind expanding on the topic a bit in the future?

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