A quick one off the wrist first thing in the morning (sorry)

When we  first saw this watch, we all fell about laughing, imagining just what type of raging cock would be seen sporting it. Then we upped the ante and started pretending we were all wearing one, waving our wrists about and announcing random times in a brash, Oliver Letwin sort of voice.

Then… we realised something. Hang on, it’s much easier to use than a conventional watch. With one of those, there's a significant effort required as you rotate your wrist and present the watch face to your eyes. Actually, now that we think about it, it hurts a bit too. Ooh.

But if you want to tell the time with this thing, all you have to do is peek down at the side of your wrist, a mere glance, with no possibility whatsoever of contracting chronic RSI and running the risk of your hand inevitably falling off. It’s genius – why haven’t all watches been made like this forever?

Someday, they’ll make solar-powered watch faces like this that they can just implant under the skin on the side of your wrist and thousands of lives will be saved. Until then, this will do for us. How was that Diesel? Free one? Please? Because we're certainly not shelling out the £230 RRP for it.

[Daily What]


  • Mike H.
    Can you also alert KITT to your imminent danger, by pretending your just scratching your face?
  • Look F.
    That's just plain stupid - a normal watch is positioned badly, but that is even worse! Twisting your wrist a little to see the top isn't much of a strain, but twisting to see something that is up your arm? A watch that had the face on the side of the wrist OTOH would be great - all you would have to do is look down
  • Amanda H.
    This just needs a little re-branding. Call it an iWatch. Could even make some multi coloured socks for it?
  • The E.
    can't wait for the digital version

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