A cheap eBook a day with Amazon's Kindle Daily Deal

Kindle Imagine that eBooks are heroin. And that Amazon is a heroin dealer. Now imagine that you’re thinking of getting yourself a heroin addiction. Well being a complete and utter smackhead just got CHEAPER THAN EVER!

That’s because Amazon have brought their popular Kindle Daily Deal from across The Pond™ to the The UK™ and one eBook per day will be heavily discounted in a bid to get your addiction up and running. We’re not sure why we equated reading eBooks with the ingestion of a potentially lethal drug now we come to think of it. Might have been a bit silly.

Today’s ‘grade A brown’ is Where The Shadows Lie by Michael Ridpath (no, us neither). Normally £3.99, you can inject it directly into your bloodstream download it straight on to your Kindle for only 99p.

There’ll be another cheap eBook available at the Kindle Daily Deal page tomorrow and soon you’ll be scratching at the Amazon door on the stroke of midnight, begging them for a fresh fix. You’re not weak, it’s an actual illness.



  • Mark G.
    Can I rip the DRM from it and view it on a proper EPUB reader like the Sony or the Kobo?
  • Mat
    Mark G you think you are really funny but come over as a complete wanker.

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