Another blow to Apple's competitors as Dell kill off the Streak

Bitterwallet - goodbye Dell Streak

The Dell Streak. We could never quite get our heads around it, and neither it seems could consumers. When it launched in June 2010, we wondered just how many people would want a 5" tablet that wasn't tablet sized and wasn't much bigger than a smartphone. Too big for a pocket, too small to offer many more benefits than a regular-sized handset, the Streak simply didn't fit anyone's need. So there was all of that - plus the fact it was priced the same as an iPad, which made no sense to mainstream buyers.

And so barely a year later, Dell has killed the Streak off. The Dell website says the Streak is no longer available and a giant banner bids the device a fond farewell. It's not just Streak that dies though - it's the ambition of Apple's competitors. Presumably Dell believed they could define and carve out a market for their device where none previously existed, just as Apple had with the iPad. It didn't happen, meaning Dell and other manufacturers will be nervous about trying again. Apple created the market and fulfilled it; their competitors have had little choice but to continue to follow their lead, but as this week has proved that isn't necessarily a risk-free option either.



  • Rich
    This is disappointing. It's a great device but looks like it'll not get an update to Gingerbread!
  • DD
    usual Dell crappy research build a device to appeal to multiple market sectors (then catch them all as customers!), then build a product that's too overpriced and does not appeal to any of them...
  • hecatae so how come I can still buy it then?
  • harry b.
    surplus stock, but if u want to burn money don't let me stop you
  • TechLogon
    It was a new niche for a very good reason, too small for a usable tablet and too big for your pocket (in both senses of the word!) How could they not have learned from 7 inch netbooks (how many of those do you still see?) that 9 or 10 inches was the smallest screen worthy of a tablet - otherwise it has to be a phone sized portable to make up for the smaller screen.
  • Zleet
    A one handed device that can access the internet has it's uses, especially if it's splash proof.
  • Alan
    Nothing at all wrong with the streak as a device... But Dell are the worlds worst when it comes to software. Their roms, their source... everything about their coding stunk. I had one for a longass time. I then grabbed a galaxy S and never looked back. Just... don't buy phones with their name on. It's about as safe as buying a crappy chinese model and expecting every android update.

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