100 days and counting - iPad 2 ready to set sail

Yes, more vaguely interesting Apple news - as if you hadn't have guessed already, you're never far away from it. Following yesterday's galaxy-shattering announcement that the white iPhone4 will be on sale some three seasons after it was promised, we can now exclusively reveal* the iPad version 2 is officially on its way. Soon. Well, in about 100 days, give or take.

Bitterwallet - iPad

Manufacturers Foxconn Electronics are due to begin shipping the second version of the Jesus tablet at the end of February, with between 400,000 and 600,000 units due to shipped. That fits a similar pattern to the availability of the original iPad earlier this year; a launch at the end of January with the product going on sale in the US from the beginning of March.

Apple has sold over 7 million iPads since its launch, and is expect to sell a similar number in the last three months of 2010, through a combination of heightened Christmas activity and the various iPad deals subsidised by mobile service providers that are being announced.

* the news came from [Digitimes] and is in no way exclusive to Bitterwallet


  • Nobby
    What is this iPad thing? Sounds like a female sanitary device.
  • S J.
    A big thanks to all the beta testers who purchased the original iPad. You will all be put to death now for discovering what a pile a shit it is. Big Jobbies
  • MrRobin
    I'm interested to hear what features the next gen iPad will have over the original...? OK there are going to be those Apple nerds who will want regardless it because it's the newest gadget, but what about the typical tech consumer who either didn't think they had a use for it, or already owns the original and wants to know what upgrades they're getting for their money A camera? Big wow, I can't see many people buying for this Faster? It's already pretty quick, what benefit would extra speed bring? Flash capability? Apple have been repeatedly bashing Adobe so this looks unlikely USB? Doubtful as Apple do like to keep accessories in-house, as it were My point is that although the original iPhone was real pioneering stuff, it also had a lot of shortcomings and the second one (3G) was a significant improvement so gained a lot of additional users. I can't really see that happening with iPad1 -> 2
  • Slacker
    "Sounds like a female sanitary device." Probably a bit stiff, so not even that useful.
  • Spankypants
    I have an iPad. It is a wonderful device. It's also a pile of shite. Would be better if: It had a USB port It had an SD Card slot You could charge it via USB You could play videos on it (you can't, trust me) You could put a different OS on it You could use the internet on it PROPERLY The email client was any good It is very sexy and just the right size and is only about 25% more than it should cost.

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