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uk-money.jpg Once more, avid HUKD member nicster08 has provided an invaluable round-up of the free stuff or savings that you can nab with one of today’s newspapers. Sterling work, and we’re torn between the free tomato seeds and the free money. Cos, like, you could always grow the tomatoes and then sell them – far more satisfying than possibly getting a free £50 note inside your paper.

**MAIL ON SUNDAY £1.50**
FREE - Royal Wedding Mug - Send away offer - P&P required
FREE - Tomato Seeds - redeem at Tesco, WHSmith, Eason or any listed here

FREE - Royal wedding party CD - redeem at Tesco
FREE - 6 pack of eggs - redeem at Tesco

FREE - Napkins & Cups - redeem at Martin, McColl, RSMcColl
FREE - Royal Rose worth £24 - send away offer - P&P required

FREE - Pack of seeds - redeem at The Co Operative
FREE - Sticker book & stickers - redeem at all stockists ????

**DAILY STAR 90p**
FREE - Bottle of Bio Synergy water - redeem at Tesco
FREE - Unlimited ride wristbands - worth £32 - for Blackpool – two-token collect

FREE - Les Petits Plats recipe book - redeem at Morrisons or Budgens

FREE - Money inside the paper? £5, £10, £20 or £50

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