What will Apple give to you during its 12 Days of Christmas?

19 December 2008

When we tell you that Apple will be giving away a free download every day for 12 days from Boxing Day onwards, you may feel certain twitches in the crotchal region.

But when we mention that far from being able to choose any song, video or tv programme to download, Apple will only be offering specific and limited content, you may be left naught but flacidity:

"Rare singles, exclusive live tracks and free music videos... plus classic TV episodes that you just won't want to miss..." - luffy language that suggests you're going to enjoy nothing but a crappy selection of low quality potboilers that rarely trouble the iTunes charts. Still it's free, and for anyone receiving an iPod this Christmas, it'll be like discovering fire. To receive email alerts for each day's new offer, sign up here.


  • Acksaw
    Nice, the email alerts page has SQL problems =\
  • Martin
    I look forward to hearing the quartet of Michelle McManus, Meatloaf, Demis Roussos and Renee (from Renee and Renato) in a live recording. Or are there bigger artists than them?
  • Martin
    Rik Waller could also make a guest appearance, so long as there are no burger vans within 200 miles.
  • Bob
    Probably the x factor single if we're lucky. Or they could push the boat out and give us a Charles Dickens audio book. Seriously cant wait, the highlight of my life.
  • We7Steve
    It is good that Apple is embracing an element of free content - but, yes, it does really depend on the quality of the free content as to whether users will be tempted to download from iTunes, when they can choose almost any content they want for free via pirate sites. Let's hope they get the content right - The TV programmes are a nice idea. Steve Purdham CEO - We7 http://www.we7.com

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