Wake up, readers - it's a bacon alarm clock!

We went a bit bacon mad a while ago and you probably hoped it was a passing fad that we'd get over. No chance. We've been gorging on the stuff and looking for new ways to enjoy sliced up pig corpse. And we've found something so achingly perfect that we're already anticipating dreams of abattoirs.


Some bright spark has gone and made an alarm clock that wakes you up with cooked rashers. If someone could couple it with a teasmaid and we'll die happy. This Wake n' Bacon alarm doesn't even make a sound. It wakes you up by smelling greasy and delicious.

[via likecool]


  • Marky M.
    Okay, so two halogen elements hot enough to cook bacon are housed in a WOODEN cabinet? Just cornflakes for me thanks.
  • Herp D.
    Wow! I've travelled back in time to 2008 when this was new and interesting zzz.
  • Ed C.
    Erm, wasn't this idea proposed on "Genius" in the last series?
  • heywood j.
    So what keeps the bacon fresh ? It's not a fridge is it ? Put it in the night before, let bacteria grow, heat it up and erm eat it from the tray with your fingers. Plus my kitchen staff would devestated at not being able to start me off as I'm accustomed in the morning.
  • J A.
    Naysayers! Health and Safety issues? Worried about a bit of bacteria? IT'S A BACON ALARM CLOCK! THESE THINGS DON'T APPLY TO SOMETHING WITH THIS MUCH AWESOME... Wake you all!
  • maxtweenie
    I'd rather have a Gobblin' Teasmaid....
  • TimB
    A Gobblin' Teasmaid? Does that mean she brings you a cuppa when she's finished?
  • zeddy
    I had one of those Gobblin’ Teasmaid things. It was the slurp and burp version. Bacon, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!
  • Get B.
    [...] consumer agenda, it’s one of the more popular topics on Bitterwallet. Whether it’s the bacon alarm clock, the bacon toothpaste, or the world’s best bacon sandwich ever, we know what our avid readers [...]

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