Two free Cineworld tickets from Tesco, and spend next to nothing to get them

free Cineworld tickets from Tesco

Tesco are doing an offer where you get two free Cineworld tickets. If you buy 3 items of certain products, they're yours - and you don't have to spend a lot to utilise the deal.

You can get the cheap cinema tickets when you buy any 3 items from their Finish, Dettol, Vanish, or Air Wick range. You've got until the 19th July to do it, and you'll have to do it online.

Now, if you need a load of stuff from that range anyway, you might as well jump right in and get what you need from the supermarket to claim your freebies. However, if you don't need anything, you can still get in on the offer and spend as little £2.

Seeing as it is easy to spend over £20 on a cinema visit, it is well worth having a look if you want to watch the latest films.

As there's no minimum spend on this deal (unless Tesco change their mind - so it'd be worth acting quickly on this), so you can buy the cheapest items that are included in this deal, to get your free cinema tickets.

So, if you get some dishwasher salt for £1.60 three times (BOGOF at the time of writing, that means you're getting cinema tickets for £3.20.

Have a look at what's on offer, in case you really don't want to buy a load of dishwasher salt, because there's other cheap items too.

Here's the items included in this free cinema tickets offer from Tesco. If you're doing a big shop anyway, be sure to include some of these items, so the cost of delivery isn't so much of an issue.

The free Cineworld tickets can be used at any Cineword in the UK. Claim your free tickets by 31 August 2016 by clicking here.


  • Ben

    "So, if you get some dishwasher salt for £1.60 three times, that means you're getting cinema tickets for £3.20."

    Never cease to impress!

    • LeonardL

      Ben, I'd suggest reading the post. The salt is BOGOF at the moment. You'd be getting 4 lots of salt for £3.20.

      Never cease to read.

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