The Ultimate IBM concept laptop for 007 spy wannabes
Nicholas Lehotzky ertainly does not lack imagination.

This IBM concept laptop for 007 wannabe is full equipped with hidden USB ports (oh, because they aren't already difficult enough to find) and a security 'knob'.  What?? You know, something for the knobs to play with.

And as if that's not enough to impress the ladies, Lehotzky included a built-in paper shredder.

The idea is that these items will help you in your 'espionage' activities.  You mean, like when you go through airport security?

Just make sure you're not at Newark airport, in case Pythias Brown 'confisicates' it for security reasons, claiming the knob looks like a bomb. Oh wait. No, he'll just steal it and resell it on eBay. It won't be his first time.

One thing's for sure though.  The paper shredder sure makes it easy for him to get rid of the evidence...

Source: Nicholas Lehotzky via The Awesomer


  • David P.
    Not even 007 could make that look cool.
  • Vince W.
    he could say the knob is to help shake his martini

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