The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1223867_1 Beer! Games! Seeds! All those and more could be yours courtesy of HotUKDeals and its magnificent freebie section. Here’s the rest of the cream of the current crop…

FREE SAUCE: Not just sauce, but Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Thanks Frank!

FREE BEER: Throw a party for the Queen and you could blag yourself up to 100 free bottles of beer for it!

FREE DJ PROGRAM: It’s called Virtual DJ Home and you could become the new Judge Jules or Bruno Brookes from the comfort of your conservatory with it.

FREE GAMES: Loads of single-player commercial titles that have been made available for free from their publishers. Wahey!

FREE SOAP DISPENSER: Gold or silver – take your pick. Gold and silver in colour that is – they’re not MADE from precious metals. You idiots.

FREE SEEDS: Here you go – fill the planet with plants and flowers and that with these free seeds, courtesy of the actual Lorax.

FREE HEALTH CARD: Namely the EHIC card that will help you get well if you fall foul of continental germs while on a European holiday.

(freebies found by HUKD members SamTL, EastLondon, james4809, alison 1989, kimmyt11, Moroimr and Neo1607)


  • Mike H.
    Even if there is free beer available, 1. why the fuck would I want to celebrate some bitch's birthday when she wouldn't give a flying fuck about mine? and 2. Why the fuck, would I want to gather with the dicks in my street? I see them once a year, and that's to often.
  • Dick
    Can't you have a party to burn an effigy of the queen, then have a good fist fight afterwards when drunk on one can of lager?
  • Mary H.
    Ahhhh yes, because all those not interested in the monarchy and those that don't need the acceptance of others are all abusive lager swilling louts. I think not.

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