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1 November 2011

1047339_1 Hey! Here’s some free stuff. Don’t thank us – thank HotUKDeals

FREE WALL PLANNER: With dates on it. Blank ones. So you can, you know, fill stuff in.

FREE QUIT SMOKING KIT: Stop smoking NOW you filthy pigs. Do it using this

FREE COFFEE : Because there’s always free coffee if you know where to look for it. And here it is.

FREE GAME: DC Universe for the PS3. Superman and that. Nothing can go wrong with this in your life.

FREE CAT FOOD: Don’t get this mixed in with your coffee.

FREE MOBILE PHONE SAT NAV: Called Waze, it comes with free traffic updates and can be had for various mobile devices.

FREE ALCOHOLIC GINGER BEER: Make your ginger beer slightly more tolerable with some of this stuff.

FREE MOVIE DOWNLOAD: The Shipping News, via iTunes. Yeah, we know…

FREE TOOTHPASTE: It’s AquaFresh. Just answer some questions, press a few buttons and before long, your mouth will be all zingy, minty freshulence.

(freebies found by HUKD members ph1981, MayingPrantis, sanaahmed2010, CheeseCake90, beanpatel, expressman33, and lambchopuk)

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