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Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 22.12.30Before you’ve had time to properly get stuck into the new week and all the thousands of ways it could possibly drain your finances, take a few moments to peruse our overview of completely free stuff you could amuse yourself with instead. As you’d expect, it’s all courtesy of HotUKDeals...

FREE ALMOND SNACK TIN AND ALMONDS: Courtesy of the imposing-sounding Almond Board Of California, there’s 5,000 packets of almonds and a refillable tin to put them in up for grabs with this one. Hurry, almond freaks of the UK!

FREE KAZUO ISHIGURO AUDIOBOOK: To be more precise, it’s Never Let Me Go, now also made into a highly-acclaimed (we assume) film. Read by Emilia Fox, the idea of which makes us feel slightly unusual.

FREE CUT AND FINISH: That’s right, a hair cut and ‘finish’ for the tiny sum of absolutely nothing. We’re not sure how ‘happy’ the ‘finish’ will be though.

FREE PREMIUM SKY TV: For the weekend of 11th-13th February – a whole load of programmes that would normally appear on Sky’s premium channels are on Sky 3. We’re not sure if there’ll be any midget porn though.

FREE TENNIS COACHING SESSIONS: (pictured) That’s right – your first step to becoming the next Andy Murray, although if you’re not in the south, you might have a hell of a trek. There’s also a list of all the free-to-play tennis courts around the country.

FREE COFFEE: From Taylor’s (the coffee people), fill in some personal details and you could be staring down the barrel of a sample of ‘rich Italian coffee’, presumably as drunk by rich Italians like Silvio Berlusconi, Tony Soprano and Sacha Distel.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members lucerysmum, carthur, shadow1, glow_worm, DarkAng3L and rainbowatcher)

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