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1227286_1 Cash! Apps! eBooks! All those and more could be yours for ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY if you do some reading and clicking in a few seconds from now. Yes, we’re good to you and so are the lovely folks who contribute to the freebies section at HotUKDeals

FREE CASH OR VOUCHERS: It says here that all you need to is watch some videos on your phone with GetJam. As long as they’re not mucky videos, we’re IN!

FREE CASSETTE TAPE APP: Apparently this makes your iPhone look like a cassette tape when you’re listening to music. Fair enough – takes all sorts.

FREE TRADE-IN PRICE CHECKER: A handy tool from what’s left of the lads and lasses at GAME – allowing you to see how much they’ll give you for the crappy games you don’t want any more.

FREE MONEY: With the help of a Quidco app, 'checking in' at stores could save you £££s....

FREE ZX SPECTRUM BOOK: As you might have thought, it’s a book about the ZX Spectrum. A hard copy would have cost you £17.99 – this PDF of it is free.

FREE KINDLE BOOKS: More gratis eBookery – here’s a list of a bunch of IT books that could be yours for nothing. If that’s what you’re into.

FREE DOCUMENTARIES: To watch on your computer. There’s 6,303 of them in total – enough to see you through the weekend.

(freebies found by avid HUKD members panddda, cath1510, chaywa, mcpaddy, nemesiz, iliko and reddit)


  • Spluff K.
    What's been going on?
  • Andrew D.
    Down here at the avidly read Bitterwallet, we all agree that Mike Hock is becoming a very unwelcome presence, his comments lost their appeal weeks ago. Come on kids, please sign up below if you feel we should restrict his access, and send him the way of W0NkEy, Red Ken and Boris.
  • Apple C.
    She is so adorable with those dimples when she smiles. I like her appetite, too. My kind of cumaholic. I just had to watch her again when I saw this video cum up again.
  • Shaniaa
    aw why did you get rid of Boris he was funny..
  • Boris
    Yes, why am I banned from posting?
  • Spoilsport
    @ Boris Because you're not Boris Johnson, you're really not funny at all, and 99% of the population don't even care about shithole London so we just skip past your posts anyway. So why not save your time and go away?
  • Mike H.
    Keep Calm and don't be such spastics. It'll be boring without me fake Andy Dawson.
  • Mike H.
    On a lighter note: I'd like to know why that CUNT 'Will-I-Am' (...A Cunt) or William, as he's know to err, everyone. Why the fuck, was he one of the torch barers? Then decided it would be funny to tweet about it? THE CUNT!
  • Boris
    I particularly enjoyed the spanking Mike gave vibeone. Most enjoyable, like the foxes or something.
  • Boris
    The post above is clearly fake as I am banned from posting and I never start work before noon.
  • Mike H.
    You wouldn't want to use your own internet now, would you vibeone? sorry Boris.

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